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Here you will find many of the business that support and participate in our Priestesshood.

We vouch for these companies and thank them for their membership.

Kristina is the creator and founder here at The Priestesshood. Visit her personal Magical store WittchesCompany that offers Magical Potions and Oils, Spiritual Baths, Dressed Alter Candles, Rituals Kits, sage and more. Visit and use code PRIESTESS for 25% your 1st Order

Our foundation is alchemy and astrology. We use universal law, mathematics and astrological forecasting to lead businesses to success. We offer astrology-based branding packages including logo and promotional material design, marketing.campaigns, website creation and maintenance.

High Vibrations

The higher the frequency of your energy (vibration), the lighter you feel in your physical, emotional, and mental bodies.
Our mission is to help you experience greater personal power, clarity, peace, love, and joy, and make it easier for you to manifest the ideal life you see in your mind.
High Vibrations offers energetic body work such as chakra balancing, Reiki, elemental reflexology, relaxation massage, mindfulness practices, and detox coaching primarily in the DC/Maryland/Virginia (DMV) and  Brooklyn, NY areas, and wherever the practitioners are willing to travel.

Nubian Impulse is an online magazine that creates a platform for artists, writers and influencers to transform the narrative of people of color in media. Our goal is to inspire a sense of cultural pride and spiritual enlightenment through media and publication.

The Be Well Shop provides the Solution to Dry Skin & Hair with the All Natural Homemade Original Formulas Skin Be Well & Hair Be Well.
Get "The Good Stuff" & Say "Bye Bye to Dry". is a lifestyle/resource blog website that caters to those of us who are bold enough to live life on our own terms, against societal expectations. Transforming your life begins with the knowledge & acceptance that America is a for-profit country, so their first priority will always be where the money is, not your well-being. Once you understand that, you'll realize you cannot trust the traditional ways of living, and you will begin to seek out holistic solutions to life's most significant issues (e.g. health, food, environment, money, spirituality, urban pop culture, education etc). FSBW is an inspirational online community that gives you the knowledge, tools & resources that will help to free your mind, heal your soul, and get you off that hamster wheel. Connect with your intuitive self, embrace all aspects of the uniquely WHOLE  woman you are, and connect with your soul tribe across the world, who are also living life on their own terms. Live a life that is authentic and fulfilling to your soul and become the fierce Goddess you were born to be!

Naturally Bare Skin by Brittani focuses solely on natural skin and body care. All products are handmade and crafted with 100 % natural and organic ingredients sourced from local and in season herbs and oils. These soaps, oils, butters, scrubs, and lip balms are created to make you feel authentically and unapologetically YOU! . 

Your Journey store is owned and operated by Jeneisha Davis, In this boutique you will find diverse spiritual tees to raise your vibrations and more. These unique and highly charged pieces are sure to resonate with wherever you are on your journey. Check her shop out!

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