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I am a Scorpio with a Sagittarius rising and Aquarius moon. I am spiritually led but not caught up in religious doctrines or theological bias. I believe there is more to God's universe, than what can be acquired in any one book and it's our journey to explore each avenue without judgments.

I am a spiritual explorer who passionately seeks to learn and recreate my current existence on the karmic ladder by tapping into forces and energies beyond the five senses to uplift, support and encourage my fellow travelers.

I believe "faith" is the substance hoped for yet not seen. The "engine" that manifest our hopes and dreams into this reality for the betterment of ourselves and others... Harming none. For the energies we send out into the world, are the ones we get back. As the old saying goes "As is above, so is below, what we reap is what we sow."

Sam Scales2211
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