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What’s new in Astrology? By #AstroWitch

Saturn has finally went direct after a long Retrograde. For the past 4 and 1/2 months it seemed time was at a halt. Procrastination was high and feeling unmotivated seemed to never end. We are over that and are now focused going forward. Setting boundaries and having discipline are important factors right now. Saturn is in Capricorn and will continue to be in it’s home until March 2020, Saturn then goes to rebellious Aquarius and transits back to Capricorn July 1st to December 17th, 2020. As Saturn spends this time in comfort and roots (Capricorn), we will shake off illusions that are holding us back from achieving our dreams. Time to break barriers by telling a new story of structure, success and overcoming as the mountain goat does. Climb the mountain, and once we reach the top, we will set new goals. A Saturn in Capricorn takes place every 29 +/- years so this is like a birthday for the home team. Saturn and Capricorn have illusions to let go and a new plan and adventure to take until this astrological event occurs again in 2049.

The Sun is in Virgo for a few more days and goes into Libra on September 23rd. Libra season is upon us and we are saying goodbye to picky Virgo and entering into a peaceful season of balance and beauty.

Mars in Virgo (August 18th to October 4th), our standards are high and we are sure to pay attention to every detail. Although one can never be “perfect” a Mars in Virgo is sure to strive for what’s close to it. This is a work work work energy, knowing that hard work pays off.

Venus is now in Libra (September 14th- October 8th) and Cupid is busy shooting love arrows into our lives. You may now desire companionship and someone to share special moments with. Romance is in the air and love is on the brain. Compromising and cooperation are key to having the balanced and loving relationship you have been asking for.

Mercury is now in Libra (September 14th-October 3rd) making us more abstract and objective than ever before. You now see both sides to situations and are using more intelligence to decipher information. Speaking with balance, love, and compassion. Now we want to relate to others and even find a common ground with those we may have opposed in the past.

These energies are pushing for a new cycle. New friends, new places, new ideas. Seeing the beauty in places we didn’t previously. Romance and social interaction our underway and the partnerships made now will pay off greatly in the future.

When Mercury goes retrograde in October 2019 our emotions and subjectiveness will take over. Express your emotions now and don’t wait until October to fully express yourself. Especially with the peace and love you will speak with now.

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