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Welcome our New Readers

Updated: Apr 30, 2020

It’s Scorpio season.... time for CHANGE and TRANSFORMATION! We’d like to send a special shoutout to our new readers available on the site Osun and Charneice. With more readers available we are able to do more like classes, blogs, podcast and more. Our first call with them will be Sunday @ 9pm EST to disucuss New Moon, Mercury Rx and Mini Readings with our New Readers.

Find us here err on Sunday 9pm EST/8pm CST

Now let‘s Meet Our First Reader

Omilade, crowned Yeye Omi Goddess Mami Wata Oshun, walking with Sango at her feet, She is an Intuitive Egungun medium, Ifa Diviner, and Emotional Intelligence Advisor. She is born gifted with natural enhancements of Physic, & Prophetic Dreaming that were gifted to her through her family's spiritual lineage. Omilade’s intimate connection with the creator’s forces of nature identified as West African Yoruba Orisha. She has had studies with many priests/priestesses, healers, and practitioners from various traditions from Africa. As well as Shaman Reiki & herbal medicine healers she’s Allowed life to guide her through life's mystic contrast to bring alignment and harmony.

Our Tarot and Intuitively Inspired Reader Charneice

Char is a psychic and has answered the call for over two years to provide accurate and insightful reading sessions. She combines her intuition and her relationship with Spirit to give relatable tarot readings.

Char is highly intuitive and knowledgable of Tarot. A session with Char is sure to answer your questions, give you clarity and direction towarrds your goals.

Both Readers can be found on our service page under 20, 40, and 60 minute sessions. Once you select your readings you will see a drop down menu to select your reader.

Use Code SCORPIO for 20% off reading sessions until November 1st.

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