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Updated: Apr 28, 2020

written by

~Toni Lynn Winfield

The Impossible Is Happening … BELIEVE!!

A CHANNELED MESSAGE for the Taurus New Moon occurring on 4/23/20. Feel free to begin working your Moon magic rituals on 4/22/20 since the 444 portal will be activated during this time.


A New Earth is being birthed and many of you are at the forefront, lighting up the path and leading the way. The Pioneers for the New Earth have been awakened and because many of you ARE these pioneers.. you are all being asked to not be afraid of the visions and guidance that you are receiving at this moment. It doesn't matter how big the task may seem.. get curious about it because if you've been given the vision then that means that you've already been prepped and primed for it.

Trust in yourself and have faith in your God, The Universe and/or your Higher Self , that your steps have been ordered and protected. Because alot of you are now receiving an influx of these visions and you are being asked to protect them. Shield your energy, shield your dreams, shield your inner knowing and your visions. Don't allow anyone to tarnish these things or put doubt into you about them. Don't even tell anyone about them at this moment. These dreams and visions are or will become your currency so know that they are of high value and not to be shared with careless people. At this moment you are to just act on these visions as they come and believe in them.

The impossible IS happening. Miracles are happening. You don't want fear and carelessness to cause you to miss out.

ur guides are wanting and helping us all to move out of this lack mentality. You just need to learn to trust that everything that you need will be provided for you.

Relax and let go of the anxiety and worry. Those are just mental fears and do not exist physically... yet. Go have some fun and laugh a bit more. Let loose and know that the resources that you USED TO BE worried about are well on their way. Try replacing that space of worry with dreams of your new life. So get to daydreaming and remember that miracles are happening.


So during this New Moon in Taurus ,your energies should be focused inward. You should be doing inner work because Taurus is all about feeling secure INSIDE of themselves.. inner security so work on your self esteem and self worth.

hink about the types of inner dialogue that you are having with yourself that may be keeping you stuck in old cycles and making you feel like crap? It's time to clean that up because with Uranus currently sitting in Taurus .. he's already been stirring the pot wanting you to let go of those things that don't serve you or that makes you feel insecure inside of yourself. Those things, people and thoughts that make you feel unloved, unworthy, undervalued and insecure .. you must drop them. You are only drawing more of these situations to you that will continue to make you feel this way.

Uranus is currently waking up all of those squatters who are taking up space in your mental, physical and heart space ...and when the Sun hits Uranus you will know for sure who those squatters are. You should be able to accurately identify who they are and then put their asses out!! They don't feed you in a positive way so they have to go. You can use this new Moon coming up to set this in motion. Set the intention. It's time for them to GO!!! Thank them for their services and chuck up the deuces.

And I'm feeling that spirit is constantly reiterating this message because although we already know , some of us aren't moving. And its mostly in the mental space. Please know that If they still occupy your mental space then they will still affect your physical world. 🤔


So as I said, we are all focusing our energy inward and in doing so , we are receiving ideas and visions of action towards our future lives. But be sure that when that vision is given to you, when that veil has been removed (if it already hasn't been), be courageous enough to take action. Make the jump. Your new life and new timeline DEPENDS on it.

We are still in the BEGINNING of our true New Year that begins with Aries so there is no giving up or getting tired of our spiritual work. Because baaybee ... that GLOW UP!! The NEW and IMPROVED you that's about to EMERGE honey … they WILL NOT be ready .. but you will. And you will rightfully DESERVE IT!!

When that change happens in your life People will have no IDEA the work that you would have put in spiritually and physically to be as successful as you WILL be … because you're gonna make it look so darn easy.

Keep going. The momentum is still there so use it. No slacking.


You also want to be sure not to forget about your outer appearance because when you look good you also feel good. I'm sure that came from a Taurus. Alot of people are sitting at home right now but you dont want to neglect your appearance. This will also help to keep your vibrations high.

o it's okay to be relaxed and comfortable as we still have our families to care for but choose a few days ... maybe your weekends .. to pamper yourself and get cute ... for yourself. Remember... self care always comes first.


Uranus is giving us a fresh start people.. in all areas of our lives…. Karma is ending. You are now being given a new slate. Think about how you want your new life to look. How do you want it to feel? Because you get to choose ... right now. You are building a BRAND NEW LIFE with a BRAND NEW MISSION if you choose to. Bye bye stagnant energies.

But understand that Brand New Missions come with Brand New lessons and also Brand New Opportunities. So Dont be afraid.. be curious. Don't let the fear of not KNOWING what to expect and not BEING ENOUGH or experienced enough to stop you!! YOU ARE READY!!

You will have many options coming up, in ALL areas of your life, to choose from, that will usher in this new mission. These new opportunities will guide you into your new world. Use your intuition and learned lessons as your guide. This will keep you from getting stuck and feeling unsure or blocked.

Always follow what excites you, what inspires you and positively entices you to curiosity.

Change is COMING!!

To know more specifically where these changes are going to take place .. look to your natal chart. What house is Taurus ruling? BOOM .. expect great shake ups there.



GO OUTSIDE!!! Taurus is actually ruled by Earth before Venus. And The Great Mother Gaia is telling us all to come out and spend some time with her. You have no idea how much healing she has done in this small amount of time and she wants to share it with you.

Go outside and soak in all of her beauty and healing energies. Do your manifestation work and set your intentions outside. They will be so much more powerful. Allow her to help you. Allow her to show her appreciation for the work that you've done on her behalf.

Create and Write your intentions for the upcoming new moon outside.

GAIA is "opening back up outside" for all of her children. Even if you can only dedicate 5 minutes to being out in nature. Those 5 minutes will help to cleanse and recharge your energy field so that you can get back to your new missions and work more effectively and efficiently and also receive guidance more clearly.

If for whatever reason you just can't get out into nature... use your visualization. Go into a meditative state and visualize you being out in nature doing all those things that you wish to do. Visualize your energy being cleansed and recharged by the Great Mother Gaia.


And so that's all for now. Happy New Moon to you all and I'll leave you with an affirmation that you can recite to yourself when those fears and worries start to creep in and you begin to lose your peace.

Remember… its alllll working out in your favor. Miracles are happening in your favor. You just have to believe, have faith and take that leap.

AFFIRMATION: When I lean on the faith of the Universe, PEACE becomes real.

Peace and blessings 💜

Channeled and written by Toni Lynn Winfield

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