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Updated: Apr 30, 2020


Happy Summer Solstice!! We are now 0° Sun in the house of ♋️! Cancer season is the first water 💦sign of the zodiacs as well as a cardinal sign. Cardinal energy tells us to start something, to take action began a project, or start manifesting your dreams. We are half way into the fiscal year and are now nurturing our ideas, thoughts, fears, plans and structure since January. This Cancer season tap into your feelings and emotions. Utilize water elements by taking spiritual baths, drinking more water and fruit, and incorporating plants that represent liquid/water like aloe, or cactus. Cancer belongs to the moon, it’s intuitive, nurturing, empathetic and compassionate. The moon represents our karma, and psychological and genetic makeup. Cancer governs the uterus, womb, breast, digestion and the belly. This season is about our roots, our family, ancestors, and even the individual and personal idea of “home”.

The New Moon will be in Cancer 10° on July 2nd. 10° tells us to create from fresh new places instead of the continuing to tell the same story. Our Full Moon will be July 16th in Capricorn once again revealing to us the illusions we place on ourselves. #AstroWitch 🔮

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