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Straight From Mercury Retrograde.

I KNOW!! Here we go again. Mercury retrogrades sure seem to always be coming or going right? Being that Mercury is closest to the sun it’s orbit is the fastest to make its way around the Sun verses other planets. This is why Mercury retrogrades seem to have the most visible obstacles when compared to other planets retrogrades. While Earth takes 365 days to complete its yearly cycle around the sun and Mercury takes 88 days from start to finish with 3 Mercury retrogrades occurring during our earthly year. Usually all falling in the same element zodiac in order. In 2020 our retrogrades will all be in water signs. (Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio)


Since June 2nd we have been in the Pre-Shadow phase of Mercury retrograde in Cancer at 6°. Pre-shadow phase is when the planet begins to slow its pace. Like when you drive and then step on the breaks coming to the red stoplight. During this pre-shadow we begin to feel things slowing down. Mercury is a busy energy. It goes and goes and needs it’s retrogrades to reflect and recharge before it goes again. This time is great for organization and making a list of things that you have not gotten to the past 3/4 months. Making this list and remembering what you may have forgotten will help to have things to do when Mercury goes station.


Mercury will be in Cancer (14°) and goes retrograde on June 17th in the Western Hemisphere and the 18th I’m the Eastern Hemisphere.. June 17th Mercury will go stationed in its retrograde phase. This is when Mercury slows down, almost to a complete halt. Appearing from Earth and giving the illusion that it’s going backwards. Thus, reasons for the word retrograde-moving backwards. Mercury will then make its way back to where it started before pre-shadow phase Cancer (5°) on July 12th.

During the station RETROGRADE period:


Pre-Shadow & Post-Shadow are often dates left out when discussing retrogrades. With the pre-shadow symbolizing stepping on breaks to slow down; the retrograde itself representing the car at a complete stop, the post phase is no stepping back on the gas to accelerate and pick up its normal speed.

From July 12th until July 26th Mercury will now move forward again from 5° in Cancer to 14°. The exact degree that began our Mercury Retrograde in Cancer.

During the Post-Shadow Phase:

While Mercury is gaining it’s normal tempo, we are starting to get back into the swing of things. Things began to go back to normal, causing us to sometimes the very reflective listens we JUST learned. Write down your lessons, journal the new ways you have learned to adapt to your goals and make a new list of all of the things you now plan to accomplish.

[written by: Kristina J. Veanueva #AstroWitch]

Mercury Rx in Cancer written by Toni Lynn

Mercury (of the mind) = thought process , intellect, information , ideas, communication

Cancer = intuition, emotions, feelings, instinct, sensitivity, introspection, wisdom, habits


Whenever Mercury goes retrograde you can assure that there will be slow downs, hold backs, delays, frustrations, misunderstandings, miscommunications, forgetfulness, fogginess and more. And all of these things are pretty much asking that we slow down and go within. Make a routine of checking in with yourself on a regular basis, to see where your mindset is and what kind distractions or chaos your thoughts may be creating for you.

So that's pretty much what Mercury Rx is about. Double checking everything, but if you want to know where you may personally experience disruption or where you personally need to focus your attention to more often ,take a look in your birth chart to see what house Cancer rules for you or sits in. There is where you can expect, if you are out of balance in that area, some disruptive experiences if you aren't abiding by Mercury Retrograde's laws.

Quick example:

If Cancer sits in your 7th house, during this retrograde season, which has technically already begun, you can expect disruption in your close relationships and partnerships of all kinds. If you're not cautious and mindful, you can definitely expect miscommunications, misunderstandings, maybe even some emotional explosions since Cancer rules over the emotions. The 6th house could bring that same energy to your work place. So once again slow down, think things through, communicate clearly or say nothing at all. Better yet write it out for now unless its absolutely necessary.

Oh yeah and you can expect to experience some technical problems as well. A lot of people have already begun to experience this with some of the major cell phone companies having a mass outage this past Monday.


So now we'll get into the channeled message….

During this retrograde period , since we are basically bridging two worlds together, (emotional and mental) … we are being asked to find inner peace by balancing the two. By giving up what you cannot control and taking action on what you can.

Spend this time going through all of your mental activity to see what's keeping you unbalanced emotionally. Check to see what thoughts you have on automatic rotation, constantly circulating through your being, that don't nourish your mind, body or spirit. Examine them, heal them and get rid of them.

If you haven't been doing this already during all of the other retrogrades, unfortunately, you just may begin to see the results of your indecision or neglect during this time by way of arguments and emotional instability. But have no fear. It's all a part of the process. Do what needs to be done or surrender it .. don't ignore it.

For example: If you normally have thoughts of self doubt on repeat in your mind and you haven't stopped to reassess and see if they are true or necessary for you anymore … you may experience a situation that will magnify that feeling for you forcing you to do something about it, once and for all.

You are being asked to put it all to rest or surrender it to a Higher Power. Those thoughts are no longer needed for the new you that's emerging and at this point it's just mind clutter. The first step is admitting that there IS something cluttering up your mental space and heart space that needs to be let go. If you don't know how .. please seek help.

So What is keeping you from Peace my Love?