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Things looking and feeling a little crazy out here huh? Yeah I know. Of course I had to go turn to spirit to find out what's REALLY going on and to get some guidance. Here's the message that was

Souls are being liberated. Even if it doesn't look like it or feel like it .. trust that progress is being made.

Everything happens on purpose even though we may not understand ,we must trust the process and trust that progress IS being made.

Know that every one is not expected to feel, act and react a specific way. Move in a way that feels natural to YOU!! We are all wired the way we are on purpose. Be true to YOU, YOUR feelings and your instincts. Everyone has a ROLE and purpose in the process of evolution.

If you don't know your role then it is time for you to get tapped in to your Higher Self! Turn INWARD!! If you're feeling fear TURN IN .. in you're feeling anger TURN IN… if you're feeling confused TURN IN!! Tune into yourself and make moves only after checking in with yourself. You will gain and keep authority over YOU by doing this and you will NEVER have to second guess anything that you do or what's going on around you.

Connect with your ancestors for guidance and wisdom as well. They are a part of you and have your best interest. This is where you will gain the power, protection and direction that you seek.

Incorporate and find a balance between using your instinct, intuition AND wisdom.

Make your emotions work for you and not against you and on the flip side .. don't work against your emotions. Use them… they are connected to your intuition.

We are seeking liberation right now .. our souls are .. but in doing so we must be sure that we are not allowing our animalistic nature to run free without some form of wisdom backing it. Intuition IS a form of wisdom. It is your own personal INNER WISDOM.

Animals are connected to their intuition AND instincts. It's how they move. There's always sacred purpose behind everything that they do. So it's ok for you to take action but be sure of who and what you are doing it for. Find that balance.

Our ancestral warriors stayed tapped in. Their survival depended on it.

On another note … never … EVER move out of fear!!

Those who know .. teach someone else. 💖

Those who don't care to at least understand or just can't understand .. stay hopeful. Don't spread fear, hate and ignorance. Stay hopeful and have patience and have faith in a higher power and purpose. That is your role .. otherwise STFU .. IJS.

There is an initiation of some sort taking place. I am not yet privy to but please understand that if it is happening … you are ALREADY ready for it. You have already been prepped. Your soul will know how to move when the time comes. And this just may be what's going on. This is why I say no JUDGING allowed.

To make it astrological...It kinda boils down to that darn Uranus in Taurus. Learn your role by learning your Worth!! ✌💜

Written by Toni Lynn

You can also follow her on all Social Media platforms:

Instagram: @Divinesoltv

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