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Scorpio Season


~ written by Toni Lynn

(This message was so powerful to channel)

🦋 We are about to be reborn. Get ready to start LIVING!!! (not to be confused with existing) 🦋

🛑Trigger Theme for this Season: Protest

Stand up for YOURSELF and your OWN life … always!!!

Welcome Scorpio Season!!

Scorpio is all about transformation of some sort. Full out death of ourselves or an old life or way of being in order to be reborn to the life that we've desired for so long. A life that we could be intensely passionate about. It represents the journey of the caterpillar to the butterfly ... the Chrysalis phase included. (not a cute process) So be prepared for things to show up in your life to help push you over that final edge of the cliff .. although you could always just jump. ( I'm just saying .. might be easier) Last season was your rest stop .. now we are back on that dark road to our destination. Back to the Underworld we go. Remember .. we're not quite out of the tunnel but we can begin to get a glimpse of the light at the end.

Are yall ready to come up for air yet? Are you ready to see what all the hype was about?? Why you had to put in so much uncomfortable and painful work. Why you had to dive so damn deep when the Universe knows that you're afraid of water?!! Well just hold on a little longer.

Those new opportunities and your new life is almost here honey!! They are soooo CLOSE. Can you feel it? You have no idea how close you are to that door. They are FINALLY allowing me to see light in this message.

I know yall are seeing little clues and glimpses of what's to come start to pop up. Pay attention. And yes get excited but don't say a word to anyone about it. You don't need ANYONE putting doubt in you. YOU know its real. You don't need confirmation or reassurance from anyone BUT your Guides or from what magically or synchronistically (is that a word? lol) pops up for you. And if you don't see anything.. don't worry it's there. Keep believing and keep doing the work. Trust YOURSELF. Stay focused and continue to manifest and have patience inside of that excitement. No anxiety allowed. Anxiety means doubt & fear.

Slow down though baby. Don't try to rush to that finish line. Its coming!! You don't want to get trigger happy, stumble and cause a setback or fuck up the good thing that you have going on. Continue to stay present in the journey. Learn to find appreciation for those lessons. You will need to always remember these challenges and the lessons that they brought to you for future journeys and future reference.

You guys are mastering and manifesting the truest but dopest, most powerful version of YOU!! I mean you are learning the beauty of EVERYTHING about you and your Uniqueness!!! It is so beautiful to feel and witness. Your ancestors are so so so proud because you are doing what so many could not do .. including them.

You have reigned and taken guardianship over your OWN WORLD!! Your own Queendom & Kingdom!! How fucking DOPE!!! And how powerful!!! Do not allow anyone… ever again to overthrow or take over your Queendom, your life, your mind and your heart!! Stay present at ALL times .. inside of your body. Not being present is how the takeover happened in the first place.

Remember to ALWAYS put …

Your self awareness

Your self trust

Your self care and

your self esteem ...

Before all others!!!!

You are the One that you have been waiting on alllll of your life.

Congratulations Loves!!! Soon you will celebrate!!😜😘 🤗🍾 Wishing much much much love and peace to you all!! 💜


🙏🏾I attract what I wish & repel what I do not.

🙏🏾The key to prayer is to forget what I think I need. (Get your hands out of there)

🙏🏾My capacity to tune in to the energy of love gives me the WORDS I need when I'm ready to speak up, the COMPASSION I need when its time to forgive, and the POWER🔋 I need when I am lost.

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