Scorpio Full Moon Energy Reading

Updated: May 19, 2020

A New You ... A New Journey

A channeled message written by Toni Lynn

During this Scorpio Moon transit , we are all

dealing with transformative energies that are coming full force to assist us in clearing up and clearing out our karmic closets

This full moon, along with the retrogrades that are coming AND the nodal switch that just occurred, is going to be pretty epic in regards to our ascension journey. I sure hope that none of you are out there wishing that your life would go back to the way that it used to be because I'm here to tell you that that life NO LONGER EXISTS. It's time to say farewell honey and stop looking back. If you are choosing to look back .. allow it to be for the purpose of making sure that you didn't leave any parts of yourself tangled up in that karmic residue back there.

As I said , the retrogrades are coming and they're most likely gonna be bringing along with them old people and old issues but don't you dare backslide. These are karmic, meaning that they are coming back to see if you have leveled up and learned your lessons. If you have, it's time to forgive and let it go once and for all. The mission has been completed. It's time for you to allow yourself to look at these old situations with new eyes, new mind and new heart. This doesn't mean for you to let these things back into your life but it does mean that you are to find understanding and forgiveness so that they can stop taking up space in your heart. Because in all actuality.. if there is no forgiveness.. they never left your heart to begin with.

So as you can see .. we are STILL in the phase of clearing out old energies for the purpose of purifying our lives and our hearts but at the same time we're beginning to incorporate some of our new ways of thinking and being into our lives as well. Were implementing and putting into action some of those new things that we've been learning to be true about ourselves.

There's lots of action going on with planets right now but as long as you don't fight what's to come you will be ok. We are being asked to try to find some humor in it all if you can. If things start to get too intense, as Scorpio energy usually does, take a breather and maybe go watch a comedy or call up one of your silly or fun friends to help pull you out of that dark cave for a few. It's ok to say "ok God I need a breather or a break". Ask and you shall receive. And be mindful of the fact that letting go and bringing in will be our new norm for a long time.

During this Full Moon , the Universe is also telling us to let go of the need to know what's coming next people. Stop worrying about your manifestations. Leave it be and go mind something else. The only thing that you need to know is that … Whats to come next WILL BE what you envisioned for yourself. Hopefully you've been Consciously manifesting for yourself and not just allowing things to happen to you. 🤔

It's time for you to focus on your BEing. It's time for you to BE who you know you truly are. Matter fact, who ARE YOU? know who you are evolving into? Do you know WHO you HAVE evolved into? Go within and plug into your new self because he/she is bursting at the seams ,ready to emerge and be taken out for a ride.

You've had enough time with yourself in quarantine to know what your new self looks and feels like. There should be no confusion at this point. You must get clear about who you are and what your mission will be.

Here's a few questions that you can ask yourself, about your downtime, to help you to see what's needing to leave your life and what's needing to come in:

Think about what and who you were relieved to get a break from during this quarantine and then ask yourself WHY were you relieved?

What is it that you would you have rather been doing?Are you doing that thing now?

How does it feel? Peaceful?? Uplifting??? Empowering???? Fun too?????

Why weren't you doing it before? Oooh because you were distracted before and you couldn't see clearly?

Okaaay .. but you're not distracted now and you're loving it huh??

Well you make sure that you stay right there in that space or go back there as much as possible. Your shift is mixed up right in those answers. You should find direction to your purpose and ascension journey mixed right up in there. Keep following that excitement. As far as the distractions… you already know what needs to be done. This is a part of your new timeline and it's giving you clues as to who you are and where you naturally are to focus.

Change is coming my loves. There's no doubt about it but don't get stuck in the curiosity of it all so much so that it leaves you stuck in your mind. Yes we used our imaginations to manifest with the new moon but with the full moon you are to let it be, watch it come into fruition and let go of what doesn't fit with that manifestation.

Also, in this new world of ours, we are moving more towards allowing ourselves to be inspired to move instead of just doing because it's on the list of things that has to get done. Sloooow down. I feel that some are still in the energy of "got to get it done right now" but moving like this will get you pushed back into the hustle and bustle of 9-5 living. That slave mentality. We're not going backwards.

We're learning to move more intuitively in our lives. It's all about balance so that we dont burn out. This is a life long mission that will never be done. There is no end. Only moments of level up. So we must understand ebb and flow. Aries season was pick up and go. Taurus season is about slow and steady. But with this Scorpio full moon we're giving up the need to know it all right now or hurry up and get it. Use your intuition and your feelings.

Feel your way through it. And listen to your body more so that you dont get caught up in a burn out moment. Balance or Temperance is a must. A little bit of this and then a little bit of that. This never stops. THIS is the new normal. Like riding a bike. Sometimes you pedal and some times you glide, catch a breeze and enjoy the scenery, then you pedal some more. You continue to do this until you reach your destination. You dont just pedal at full force, you're gonna either burn out before you get there or you'll be too tired to enjoy the actual final destination.

Remember There is no rush and there are no deadlines to miss out on because even if you miss an opportunity… if it's for you .. best believe that another will be right behind it.

All we need to know is that our blessing, opportunity or manifestation is coming and we're gonna enjoy the process of getting there.

Action and adventure is coming in the next season. Relax and learn to be satisfied with where you are in the present. I know you're excited because so much has transpired thus far.. you're feeling a little antsy because you can feel the build up of something coming. It almost feels like the night before Christmas. Stop being Nosey though!!

Preserve your energy by working slow and steady on your projects that you already have going on and continue to tie up those loose ends from your PREVIOUS life. I say "previous" because you have now birthed a new life for yourself. Doing these things will allow you to be as precise as possible and will alleviate mistakes that you may have to waste time going back to fix.

So while you're waiting on your manifestations .. go back and make sure that the dream that you are building belongs to YOU. I said it in the last reading. Check in with yourself and make sure that you're not being influenced by anyone else's thoughts and ideas of and for you. Release those thoughts with this full moon.

Keep working towards living as authentically as you can. Keep dumping out and letting go of those things that you KNOW are no longer you or have never been you. Those things that you agreed to just to keep the peace or make everyone else happy or comfortable. Let it go!!!

Be sure that everything that you begin to say "yes" to from here on out.. benefits YOU (mentally, physically or spiritually) and YOUR dreams. Keep this in mind when creating new partnerships and relationships.

So to sum it up … Inner work is to be done with this full moon family . Go deep and release, release, release. Release it in a bath, release it in a journal, release it in your dreams if you have to but let it go. And refill that space and time with things that bring you REAL joy. Or dont fill it with anything if you have too much going on already. Let it be your breathing space along with relaxation and contemplation.

Happy Full Moon 💜

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