Sagittarius Full Moon Energy Reading

Happy Full Moon!!

This full moon brings with it a powerful Lunar Eclipse that will make the energies and its manifesting powers extremely powerful.

This Lunar eclipse will be resetting the current cycle and allowing the darkness to reveal what is hidden in our subconscious or keeping us blocked from seeing more clearly.

How To Utilize Energy

This Energy Is All About The Bigger Picture .. Seek out TRUTH

Release : anything that feels like a lie and doesn't match with the new version of you and the New World that YOU seek.

Release: any old and outdated beliefs that you may have had about anything.

Release : any fears that you may have about what's going on in the world today.

Release : anything that will not fit in your New World

Release : anything that pulls on your energy without giving anything of value to you in return

Sagittarius is a very optimistic and positive sign and that's exactly what this Full Moon is asking of us .. to be optimistic about our beliefs, to stand firmly behind them, stay true to them and have faith in them. Do not be discouraged in anyway or allow yourself to be talked out of what you believe.

Sagittarius is also about the bigger picture so it's gonna be important for us to take a step back and look at the bigger picture about something that we may be experiencing in our lives, with the understanding and faith that it WILL work out for your Highest Good or the Highest Good of all involved. Trust in the process.

Full Moon Magic Ritual ( Fire Magic )

Don't forget that we are still in Gemini season so be sure to utilize the power of your words along with your beliefs to help you to release AND manifest what you want. Your word is your wand or your word is your bond. See it, believe it, write it, speak it then burn it. You could also burn a candle and focus on your visions and speak your intentions into that fire.

What would you like to let go of and manifest with this full moon Eclipse? Are there any old ways of you doing , being or feeling that you're wanting to let go? There is no better time to do it than with this full moon. Try writing down those things and then burn them releasing them over to the fire. After feel free to write a new story for yourself. Usually we would set new intentions with the New Moon but I'm feeling that this will be a powerful manifesting time as well. Check in with yourself and use your own intuition for guidance on that.

Don't forget to put your crystals outside of your window to be charged.

Channeled Message


Now let's get into the channeled message for this Full Moon Eclipse energy.

Inspite of all that is going on in the world, we must not forget that while we're in the midst of tearing down old structures, we must think about the rebuild as well.

Yes, i know that you're tired of the old world and ways of doing things (I know that I am) but ask yourself "what does my new world actually look and feel like?" We have to always keep in mind that we are also the Creators of this World. We have the Power to destruct and construct. Have you ever taken the time out to really think or daydream about that? A NEW reality?

We have to spend more time in that space. It is a very important step in the manifesting process of creating a life that we truly want and deserve to experience. We all must participate in the rebuilding or BUILDING of our NEW WORLD. So take some time out of your day, everyday, to daydream and imagine what existing in that world would mean for you because the next phase will be to write it out and then to begin creating practical plans to get us there.


Change is upon us dear family. Many of us have been working consistently in our personal lives to clear up old Karma. And best believe that your work has produced MAJOR results. Karmic ties have been cut, karmic debt has been PAID and now the tides are being reversed.

So naturally, whatever happens inside of us HAS to show up in our external world as well, right? This is what we are seeing and experiencing now. All the work that you've put in, internally and in your personal lives is now being extended to the outer world. The work has to now be done in the outer world.

Remember how chaotic, dark and hopeless things felt when YOU were in the midst of your own personal darkness .. doing spiritual battle? This is that inner battle being materialized. We are being told to have NO fear and to trust in the process because this was already Divinely planned. This is what it looks like when you and everyone else is fighting to gain Power over your lives. For some it will actually be the first time that they've EVER felt this kind of Power before. It's a beautiful thing to see. But that WILL be the Victory.. Liberation and Personal Power, but right now we are in the midst of battle. Spiritually, still of course, but now the physical manifestation of that battle is coming into play.

"The spiritual worlds know that you are in need of divine intervention to help clear a pattern that was once painfully lodged in your body, mind and soul. Enough of the struggle. Divine love now offers healing and FREEDOM!!" This is a pulled message from the LightWorker Oracle.

Congratulations to all of the spiritual workers. Your dreams are being actualized so please don't get discouraged. Allow the Earth Warriors to now do their part.

Every single person and thing that you said NO to in your life that undermined your self worth .. every person ,that fed off of you without giving anything in return, that you cut off .. represents those same people and structures that are now being revolted against. You taking your power back in your personal life represents the Collective taking their power back.

There can be no more leaching off of anything and anyone anymore... Period.. In ALL areas of life. Damn this is such a dope realization and i'm so damn proud to have been a part of the groundwork and you should be too!!

Hold your Faith my loves and allow the work to be done. Provide support in whatever way that you can. Look out for each other because this is only the beginning but all the visions that I'm getting involve Sunshine so trust the process. Freedom is here!!

(And as I'm channeling these messages .. ironically.. I hear nothing but laughter and children playing outside of my window. This is further confirmation. Don't be fooled)

The powers of Your ancestors have been released or shall I say unleashed. "Have no fear" they say!! Continue to call on them!!

As to our own neighborhoods being torn down. This just means to me that we are really gonna have to step up and look out for each other as a community. Some were actually looking and hoping (manifesting)for the barter system to come back .. looks more and more everyday that this could be a strong possibility. IJS

If you tear it down you must rebuild something else to replace it. What is the game plan? 🤔

Why tear down your own neighborhoods?

Here's one way that you could choose to look at this.

NEIGHBORHOODS aren't inclusive and do not belong to all the people that live there. We need more COMMUNITIES.

EVERYONE needs to be awakened out of their comfortable worlds and numbness. There will be no more turning an eye. EVERYONE MUST DO THE WORK. If you get to escape to a world that's not affected (your neighborhood) .. will you choose to do something different?

Remember .. there can be no more leeching or no more coat tail riding. You must participate in any way that you can. Everyone who inhabits this World is responsible for it and must do their part to help heal and bring balance to it!! Everyone has do their part in creating a TRUE COMMUNITY versus a NEIGHBORHOOD. We need solutions and it is your job to figure out your role in all of this. There is always SOMETHING for you to do.

No justice, no peace goes for EVERYONE. We are not exempt. IF we choose to do nothing at all, then we become a part of the problem. By choosing to ignore .. we choose to become a part of the problem.

Right now you must release fear. If you don't it's ok but just know that the world you once knew has already passed. From here on out we must withdraw our energy from those things that we used to support knowing that they did not support us. Withdraw your energy from all things that do not support or align with YOUR New World. This is how you truly vote for what you want to see and experience in YOUR New World. This is how You can participate on a personal level.

Choose honesty over fear. Remove those stubborn ass glasses and really take a look at your world. The answer to your questions of why will soon be revealed.

Trust in your own INNER knowing over what things APPEAR to be and you shall find your peace right there. Relax in this moment and stay present. You are safe. Do not worry about what could happen out of worry. TRUST that its gonna work out and let go. Stay present. Let the past be done and allow the future to work itself out.

You are evolving my love and so is the rest of the world. Have patience, stay true to your own spiritual beliefs and practices, trust that there is a Higher Plan and that they will serve YOUR Higher good if you allow it. The whole entire world is having a spiritual awakening. ✌💜

Rise in your POWER my Loves and remember that there is light at that end of this tunnel!! 💖

~ Toni Lynn

Happy Full Moon 💜

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