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Updated: May 19, 2020


A Channeled message written by Toni Lynn

ear Goddess,

This Pluto retrograde is gonna be an epic one. Some of the things that many of us will be experiencing is going to trigger some situations into our lives that are meant to help us to call back some of those parts of ourselves that we have either let go or given away to others. Some call it Soul Retrieval.

These may even be parts of yourself that you may not have liked because someone else told you or made you feel that THEY didn't like it… or that it was wrong or they maybe even made you feel that you weren't good enough for whatever reason. It's usually that part of you that made OTHERS uncomfortable so of course they needed for YOU to change it.

It's that part of you that adds to your Warrior Goddess energy and it's what made you a Powerhouse honey!! Some would probably call it your shadow self. But whatever it is or WHOever she is .. she's so desperately needed right now. It's time to bring her back and make some folk uncomfortable again.

If you're a person that's used to people pleasing or who USED to people please… you're probably gonna be triggered the most...but don't fight it .. flow with it. If something or someone pisses you off .. flow with it. Whatever you do .. don't stuff her down. This energy must be expressed in some way. You can maybe even channel that energy into something that you're passionately working on.. just be sure to use it. Make it work for you. Speak up about people treating you wrong or not respecting you. And if you choose not to speak up .. then make a choice to let them go.

Something inside of you wants to change. So allow it...for your Souls sake. And don't give a damn about what the next person thinks. Your soul has had enough. It's time to clean house.

Don't be alarmed if you find yourself being triggered by something that usually doesn't trigger you. It's all a part of your growth and healing. We are being made whole again so that we can become our most authentic selves. No more brokenness allowed. Reclaim your power. Reel those broken pieces back in.

Remember that person you were before all hell broke loose in your life? Yup .. that's who we're looking for. Call her up and tell her its showtime Baby. 😜

And you can also look to see what house you have Pluto transiting along with Uranus , in your birth chart ,since they both are known to shake things up for the purpose of transformation. Expect to be knocked out of your comfort zone in those areas of your life.


~ Toni Lynn

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