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Updated: Sep 2, 2020

~ written by Toni Lynn

Happy Pisces Full Moon


This full moon is actually a QUICK REST STOP so that we all can make an assessment on our lives and the direction that our lives is currently going in.

Pisces Full Moon is a very dreamy yet mystical energy. It has the capability of pulling us in deep and connecting us with the Spirit world. So it would really benefit you to

pay extra attention to your dreams because guidance, advice, tips and messages to help direct you towards your abundance is being given.

My own dreams have been super vivid and all focused around my purpose, aspirations, and money honey. I know I'm not the only one so be sure to get those dream journals OUT!! You don't wanna miss out on messages from your Ancestors and your Guides.

Spirit knows that you've been putting in ALOT of internal and external work and they acknowledge you and congratulate you. Know that your rewards are coming but this journey is FAR from over. This is ONLY the beginning. And an easy way to help assess where you're at on your path, just in case you're ever wondering, is to pay attention to your joy, prosperity and your success. How is it flowing for you? If it's not .. something needs to be shifted.

BTW your journey will never be over. There are different levels and timelines that you can graduate to though. This is why its important to celebrate every triumph when they happen because if you wait until you reach the finish line to celebrate.. You'll literally be waiting until your end.

So this Full Moon is calling for a very quick pause so that you may ASSESS yourself , your relationships, your careers and everything else in your life so that you can recognize any adjustments that need to be made.

Check in to see if everything and everyone in your life are worth your energy (time & money) and are benefiting you, your health, your purpose and your goals. And because Pisces energy is known for not wanting to ruffle any feathers and turning an blind eye to things .. its important that you be very honest about what you are experiencing, seeing and feeling through this assessment. What needs to go or change? This includes habits as well. Anything that could sabotage or cause you to self sabotage your success. Set the intention to make those adjustments ASAP.

Don't be afraid of taking that next step, making that next cut or making changes and adjustments if you see yourself going down a path that don't feel as good as you thought it would. It's never too late to make changes. Step back and see if you're missing something. Mistakes or misjudgments should not lead to you giving up.

Make this time of being in your head and heart work for you. Make FEELING your way through things work for you. Make over analyzing work FOR you. Remember we're still in Virgo Season.


Is this going the way that I imagined it would go or better or worse?

Do I still want these things that I was pushing for?

Does this life still resonate with me?

Do I still want that same end result?

If the answer is no , ask yourself what it is that you can do .. what can you tweak to get you going towards your NEW desired outcome. Don't stop your journey though. Take a rest stop. Get out your GPS (intuition) , get directions to your new destination, Safely make a right turn onto a different highway and keep going.

There is an energy of abundance around you during this full moon. There are all kinds of possibilities and opportunities surrounding you but you have to make space for it to manifest in your life! If there are still things that need to be left behind or put in place so that you are not distracted .. handle ya business!!

Pisces is a HIGHLY intuitive and emotional energy and it has a tendency to leave us feeling floaty and ungrounded so be mindful so that you're not tripping all over the place hurting yourself and spilling your emotions all over the place. If you can sit still then do that.

Try doing a releasing ritual with this full moon and spend time writing, meditating and daydreaming on your dreams. This will help to open you up and allow for information to be downloaded into you about your best next move. To make it more powerful, try doing these things while taking a spiritual bath and listening to some heartfelt music. Add to this .. drinking plenty of water that you have programmed with affirmations of love, healing and abundance. Water is going to be a very powerful spiritual tool to use during this full moon.

So when making your assessments .. gather all of the tools and wisdom that you have obtained from lessons along your spiritual journey, bring them to the table and use them all to help you to make those next decisions!! Believe in yourself more, you can do this!! Let go of doubt, laziness and procrastination along with this full moon. Stay focused on what you want and be patient as next steps are revealed to you.

Pisces represents the very last sign of the zodiac so this means something is being rebirthed into you and your life. A new cycle is here. Push through. Let out those dusty ol stragglers and get ready to LIVE honey. It's time for the new you to make its debut.


The denial that you have pertaining to the people around you, situations you've experienced and even the jobs that you have. aka DELUSION!!

The lies that you tell yourself about the things that keep you from moving forward.

Not believing in yourself, your intuition, your inner spiritual support, your gifts and your ability to follow through

The Fear of saying no and creating boundaries


To trust your inner voice. Trust that your inner voice will always guide you correctly.