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Pink Libra Super Full Moon 4.26.21

On Monday night look out for our first Super Moon of 2021. This Libra moon will come to bring balance and alignment in all aspects of our lives. As always we tend to feel balance is 50/50, sometimes it is, sometimes it’s not. This moon’s reflection will surely provide insight into were our equilibrium lies. How to achieve all we dreams, by getting aligned to our souls purpose. Aries fiery passionate sun reminds us to go head first and just start. One step at a time. With Mercury, Venus, Uranus, and Lilith opposition in Taurus some may find their selves irritable and easily aggravated. In astrology Libra represents the courts/police. This full moon will intensify these emotions we hold towards the justice system as they are continuing to be exposed to the collective that they are clearly not aligned with Earth (internationally). We may hear plans for an upcoming war around the world. Personally, this is a great time for meditation and mind focusing on our hearts desires. Use Monday as a time to cherish your partnerships, or possibly tell a few of them goodbye as you welcome more. Listen to music, enjoy fine foods and wines and the beauty. As this libra moon inspires us to find the beauty within ourselves. #AstroWitch

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