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Numerology Class is starting!!

Spots are now available for Numerology Classes. If you’re ready, as a many have requested sign up is now open. Original class is $399, with required $100 deposit. Those who sign up by December 8th get $100 off if paid in full ($299)

This is an 8 week class, materials will be emailed and classes recorded for playback. Class will begin Sunday, January 5th. Meeting room and more will be sent once registered.

We will Learn: basic numerology, many ways to give readings, what month, years, day of month numbers, and yearly numerology wisdom allowing you to give full readings.

We will also go over life path numbers briefly, but we will go into all number combinations to show the differences. Example “7” life-path, what makes his numerology the 7? 16/7? 25/7? Going over these specific personality and character traits in detail. Revealing how these combination giving clearer insight into that individual.

If you practice tarot this will deepen you knowledge of tarot. If you study astrology these numbers will give you insight to degrees° (11° Venus compared to 8° Venus placement. We will learn numbers and it’s astrology and chakra correlation. Adding in numbers with the alphabet, and how these as well make assist in readings or receiving messages from spirit.

With this you’ll be about to give accurate readings and insight, for yourself and others. As well as having the ability to forecast you goals, planning appropriately things before hand. #AstroWitch 🔮

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