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New Moon in Virgo

written by Toni Lynn

Happy Virgo New Moon!!


So it seems that the theme of this New Moon is about inner stillness, inner strength and self acceptance by way of solitude. We're still inside of the chrysalis phase, being transformed from the inside out. And I'm sure that a lot of this journey has been super uncomfortable and even painful for some but understand that your new cycle, your clean slate, your new life IS coming. Its almost here but there's still more inner work to do. It's a process and there are levels to this shit. Keep leveling up.

We are now learning the lesson of acceptance. Self acceptance more than anything .. but also understanding and acceptance of what's happening in your life and why it's happening. At this point you should be tired of fighting or trying to change or control the process. You've been in this state of darkness or not knowing for so long that you should be used to it AND you're still alive through it all. What is there to fear at this point? And just in case you were wondering ... NO there is no way tomake it go faster but there ARE ways to help make it go smoother. TRUST THE PROCESS and flow with it. Stop worrying and trying to peek around the corner to see what may be coming next. Just handle things as they come and until then .. RELAX. Use these moments of quiet, when nothing's going on, to care for yourself and rest.

You could use this energy to start a brand new business venture that you've always wanted to give a try, or to conjure up new business ideas, or focus more on what you already have going on in your life and business and find new ways to make it more organized and productive for you. What you do to make your life flow better?

This pause, before your new cycle begins will also be highlighting mental health. So take some time to check in with your mental space. See if there are some things going on inside of you that's keeping you from reaching mental peace. Keeping you stuck in anxiety, keeping you in a state of constantly criticizing and judging yourself and all that you do and keeping you in fear. Please take advantage of this rest time and stop waiting for the ball to drop.

Virgo has no mental chill and if you're not careful it can have you overly analyzing and criticizing yourself, your life and others right into an early grave or mental prison. This Virgo new moon is asking for you to take a step back and reevaluate the way that you look and feel about your life. Change what you can and accept what you can't. As a matter of fact .. the SERENITY PRAYER was probably written by a Virgo. LOL It's the perfect prayer and NO you don't have to be religious

I cannot say that enough how important TRUST is from here on out. And I don't mean to trust in man. I mean that we all MUST have something Higher than ourselves that we can trust and relax into. Whatever that is for you. God, Goddess, your Ancestors, your Spirit Guides, your Higher Self, Gaia, The Source or The Universe. Whatever you call your spiritual support team .. TRUST IN THEM. They watch over you and protect you and do so much to help you through all of this already. They are saying to "Relax into them". Have no fear or worry. You are in a protective bubble and the only things that can get inside of that bubble right now are the things that they allow in. All things are on purpose and Divinely planned for your Highest Good.

So Peace is the Theme for not only this New Moon but this entire Virgo Season. What can you do to make your life feel more peaceful? And remember .. true peace starts INSIDE of you.

Trust and Acceptance = Peace and Peace = Freedom

They also say to remember that you are perfect in every moment of your life .. even through the changes you are still perfect so please stop being so hard on yourself. Acceptance also means SELF Acceptance.

Maybe finding a new way of looking at your life may help. Leo Season should have helped to pull you out of that darkness so that you could get a fresh perspective on life and help you to see what's truly important in your life. If so .. use that new perspective and choose to focus on those things that you love and that brings you love and joy in return. Please do not go backwards. Forward movement only.


~ Toni Lynn


Set the intention or make a promise to yourself to take better care of yourself in every way.

Self care and Self Love is a must right now. Grab a planner or journal and get to writing down your intentions and come up with a plan to work on these things for the whole Season of Virgo.

  • Work on your health and diet

  • Come up with healthy but realistic regimens and routines to help keep you on purpose

  • Change your diet

  • Exercise

  • Make sure all of your doctor appointments are up to date

  • Organize your life

  • Clean up and out clutter

  • Meditate / spend time alone in quiet

  • Give TLC to yourself / Love on yourself / show appreciation to yourself

  • Give extra TLC to your pets and allow them to shower you with unconditional love in return

  • Make sure that your pets vet appointments are up to date as well

  • Write a letter to yourself about how dope you are AND/OR

  • Start a list and write down something everyday on that list, for the whole Virgo Season, that you love about yourself and go back and read it every night before bed

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