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New Moon in Pisces + AstroTalk with #AstroWitch

Updated: Mar 6, 2021

Heyyy! It’s been a minute since I’ve written a blog and it just all came over night with inspiration. So let’s get startes.

This new moon in Pisces on March 13th is very magical and spiritual. Showing us how our beliefs shape our worlds. Pisces in astrology is tied to our Akashic Records. Not just our past lives but those to come. Astrology teaches us that the cycle will always keep going. Life time to life time as we are blessed to be spiritual beings all while having human experiences. The cycle will continue. And continue to connect us all as one

A Pisces new moon brings deep rooted emotions to the the surface. Relfect on them and try to envision a new perspective. depression and not so well thoughts and feelings may come up. Stay positive, listen to affirmations and in positive spirits.

This moon also makes for the best moon for magic, imagination, glamour, and embrace fantasy and see where it takes you. You may even begin to look into alternative types of therapy and be more open to spirituality and out of this world ideas.

MAGIC: Take a spiritual bath and relax. Submerge like the Pisces fish into the water and emotions and let them flow... and go. Afterwards, write out your dreams. Not just the dreams in your head but the dreams that you have for yourself and your loved ones..

Venus and Neptune also conjuct in Pisces with this full moon. Bringing love, intense dreams and spiritual revelations. Writs down your dreams during this time and find out what the mean to you. Venus in Pisces with Neptune will bring not only spiritual dealings but also dealings with over indulging and escapism from reality. Use this powers to focus on you living and sleeping dreams. Put plans in motion, realistically and get organized. The Sun will be in Virgo in 6 months and using this time wisely will bear great fruit when that time comes. It’s important to see what’s real and not just what you want.

Mars and North Node Rx are in Gemini bring about change to the world through intelligence and science. Once Gemini North node goes direct at the end of March will view many people using their intellectual abilities to get things moving along. Society wise. We will begin to struggle with science advantages as we are seeing. Intelligence will reign supreme. It is light.

We are finally out of post phase Mercury Rx in Aquarius. It has joined forces with Jupiter conjuct urging us to expand on humanity, friendships and inspiration. This year will bring lots of innovation with ideas to help the betterment of all people.

Aquarius will be in Saturn for the next 2+ years bringing much humanitarianism, compassion, and love to the human race. It’s a great time to give back, to use what you have in and unilize if it ti do what you can do to help others. Using these energies will be beneficial to any success to your endeavors planting now during this new moon in August.

The full moon on March 28th will be in the house of libra.. Offering to us insight into things we may need to heal and perceive in news ways. We are now seeking justice, balance and harmony. We will see this on the news and in our personal relationships.

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