New Moon in Leo

Updated: Apr 30, 2020

Happy New Moon in Leo! The honey jar videos are taking a bit longer than usual so I wanted upload pics and send out a short blog. A new moon in Leo is great for matters of the heart, creativity, and loyal/royal characteristics. This season’s honey jar will be worked for 28 days until the next New Moon. Check out the videos so far here. Lots of children start school this season and we want them to start with inspiration. Be sure to play peaceful affirmations and chants before they go to bed as well as saying them and projecting a great and safe day every morning. Here is link to my personal favorite affirmations and playlist. As I post this video 3 is uploading. Thank you all for participating. We have created millions of dollars, numerous promotions, payouts/settlements. and more.

NEW MOON VIBEZ ♌️🌚🥰 Tonight we welcome our New Moon in Leo and enter the Post Shadow Phase of Mercury Rx until August 15th. A Leo New Moon reminds us to be gentle with ourselves and start fresh by letting go of things weighing on the heart. Forgive yourself, love yourself, and find fun ways to be creative and enjoy entertainment. As Mercury makes its way back to Leo, this post shadow phase will take a toll on our leaders and authority figures. Those in leadership positions should watch their tone of voice and speak more from the heart. If you are prone to authoritative backlash, have a tough time with those in power or taking orders, this time may truly put you in your place. As stated in prephase this time will reveal to us and shine light on those we put in power and remind us power cannot be taken away only given. The ppl you follow and look up to will be put to the ultimate test and will have to stand on their squares. Followers will defend them only to learn the truth of the matter next prephase Mercury Rx in Scorpio. Mercury Rx is not something happening to you, it’s just what happens. Any not so well moments are results of you’re own miscommunication and not the blame of Mercury. He will be back in in October to remind us the importance of saying what you mean and meaning what you say. Let us REMEMBER the wisdom we have learned, as we tend to forget as the fast moving planet speeds back up. #AstroWitch 🔮






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