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New Moon in Cancer Honey Jar (videos)

Updated: Apr 30, 2020

Happy New Moon in Cancer. If you haven't watched the videos on witchesandco YouTube no worries I will have them all here in order or click here. The first video goes over the ingredients used. Gawlee, so many you'd have to watch to see. Also I have created a playlist of positive affirmations for happiness, confidence, love, healing, success and more titled Honey Jar Affirmations. Utilize these affirmations and add them to your daily ritual.

Click here to read Cancer Season Astrology Blog.

Affirmation Playlist is below.

2019 Cancer Season Honey Jar IIngredients

Cancer Honey Jar Part 1

Cancer Honey Jar Part 2

Cancer Season Honey Jar Part 3

Affirmation play list click here and follow,

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