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New Moon in Cancer/Leo Energy Reading

a channeled message from Toni Lynn

Happy New Moon in Cancer / Leo!!

Whew Honey .. this Cancer New Moon is bringing with it more feelings of uncertainty, uncomfortability, and confusion and spirit is asking us to FLOW throw it and stay heart centered.

Lots of people are feeling as if they are going through an identity crisis and they would be absolutely right. We are still in the middle of transformation .. nope it ain't stop yet. And probably not for a while. And I'm guessing that, by the message that I'm receiving, people are having a hard time coping. So this will actually be a message of encouragement more than anything because when the Moon is in Cancer it tends to make situations and people highly emotional.

So in order to cope during this time .. Spirit says that the best thing to do is let go and let it flow. I know it sounds cliche but it's a must. The more that you try to hold on , the more turbulent things will get and feel.

Let go of what?? Let go of your feelings and your emotions. Stop trying to stop them from coming up and out. You're creating a dangerous build up by doing that. Let them out. Let them flow.

Let go of that person that you used to be and everything toxic that was a part of that person. Let everything and everyone that no longer resonates with the new version of you to fall away. You don't even have to do anything but allow. Don't fight ANYTHING to stay. Just allow because they're already falling.

You're not alone in how you feel. Most of us are feeling this uncertainty and out of control of some aspect of our lives .. and it's ok.

Our beliefs and perspectives have been shattered leaving us in a space of confusion or disbelief or anger or sadness or just plain ol naked and vulnerable … and it's ok.

You're unable to see or know what's up next for you or how long it's gonna take for you to get out of these clouds .. but spirit is asking us all to trust that everything is FALLING exactly into the spaces that they need to. Things are falling away and apart, pushing us further out of our comfort zones and into reality .. but it's all for your highest purpose. Spirit is asking for you to surrender. Trust and surrender. Everything WILL be ok.

Give up the need to know, control or fix anything and just flow with what is. You will NEVER be abandoned by Spirit but in order to get some relief you have to ask for it. Ask for help from your God or whatever it is that you have faith in. It may not take away your issues but it may give you a NEW perspective on things and give you understanding which in return will bring you Peace.

Relax into your journey through this dark tunnel, observe what's going on and around you but most importantly inside of you. As you observe your surroundings.. I want you to take a really close look. Because that tunnel that you're in just may not be what it seems to be or even as scary as it seems if you were to turn YOUR light on. When things get too dark .. you turn your light on and UP and watch those roaches run.

And so Spirit has given me a visual to share:

What if things weren't exactly as they appeared to be? What if that seemingly scary tunnel that you're currently in was really a protective rose garden in the shape of a tunnel? Thorns on the outside, roses inside. What if the reason why that tunnel feels so dreary and scary to you was because it's night time so you're in the dark aka your shadow period and you're unable to see what's around you or the path ahead of you and you're alone? If you made the choice to shine your light .. meaning find a reason to laugh, sing, dance, love, experience and spread joy .. the darkness would go away or soften. If you sat and chose to have conversation with your God, your guides or your Creator .. you wouldn't feel all alone.

This tunnel or shadow period that you are in is actually a rose garden and the safest place to be at the moment.. especially when the world outside of this tunnel is seemingly in a state of chaos. You are literally being quarantined spiritually. And if you think about it .. Cancers already live like this. They keep their protective shell up for protection from the crazy outside while the inside of them is soft, comfy, cozy and secure. The only difference is .. Spirit is doing this for you already so you don't have to. Know that you are free to be, do and heal as need to because you are secure and safe as you go through this "chrysalis phase".

So stop trying to run through this dark tunnel making things even scarier for yourself before you hurt yourself. Slow down and observe your surroundings. Breathe. Connect with your senses so that you can smell, feel, sense and realize that there really is nothing to be afraid of and that you're safe and protected ALWAYS and the fear can subside. Craziness and chaos may still go on outside of your tunnel.. but YOU are safely covered. Enjoy it until you are asked to move. Allow the smell of the roses be a healthy distraction that inspires you to create something. It'll help make the wait easier.

And so the New Moon is about setting new intentions for your life and we are also moving into Leo Season .. the season of celebration, life, joy, creativity and fun. Use this energy to further your vision for your life or to breathe life into those visions or seeds that you've already planted for yourself during past New Moons.

Things to do during this new Moon:

Take a spiritual salt bath or go to the beach and tape a dip in the ocean. Add seashells or moonstone crystals to add to your ambiance.

Read a book , watch a movie or listen to some music that will nourish your Soul and inspire you to FEEL.

Tap into your heart chakra. You can find some guided meditation videos for the heart chakra on YouTube. For double the fun, add this meditation to your bath ritual and allow those tears to flow.

Cook or indulge in a good comforting home cooked meal

Spend time with family that make you feel warm and fuzzy and cared for.

Find ways to care for yourself the way that you would care for others. Love on yourself.

And choose to be kind and patient with yourself and where you are on your journey.

~ written & channeled by

Toni Lynn

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