Mercury RX June 2019

Updated: Apr 30


Thursday June 20th, Mercury has began to pump its breaks at 23° Cancer as it eases to a halt July 7th marking the official Mercury RX in 4° Leo. The pre-shadow and post-shadow phases of all Retrogrades are the most intense times. While most speak of the official stationary days, the days leading to and from that point are pivotal in understanding Mercurial intelligence. A shadow Mercury in Cancer communicates exactly like a crab walking on a beach. SIDEWAYS! The next few weeks expect lots of slow responses and telepathy verses action and clarity. This can be an emotional time and create communication problems amongst family. While we may think we spoke something, verify and be clear. This Mercury Retro shadow phase is met with 3 other planets retrograding. Jupiter, Saturn, & Pluto are opposing this pre phase in Capricorn. Your public character will be put into question. Be true to your foundation and personal philosophy. But... be sure it’s intelligent and not dogmatic. If so, be prepared to defend your beliefs. Mercury will wipe away anything that does not line up. Thus, bringing us into our Mercury Rx in Leo on July 7th. This placement effects higher officials, politics and leaders. As well as matters of the heart. Being tested on things previously said. Mercury’s reminds us to SAY WHAT WE MEAN AND MEAN WHAT WE SAY. The post shadow dates begin July 31st until August 15th. This is when mercury begins to speed back up and catch its normal rhythm.... #AstroWitch 🔮





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Toni Lynn is a new up and coming astrology blogger and intuitive reader who has a deep passion for intuitive writing, astrology and and sharing information through her knowledge of metaphysics and spirituality. 

Writing has always been used as a very sacred and therapeutic healing tool for Toni Lynn and she has many many journals to show for it.Check out her Astrology Videos on Divine Sol TV YouTube Channel and follow her Instagram @divinesoltv for daily Astrology post and other spiritual topics.


Toni is a self taught astrologer who’s been studying astrology since childhood but has been working diligently with her research for the past 12 yrs and has been putting into practice these teachings along with her own theories, for about the past few yrs now. She's been using this information to help other women to light up their path so that they may see their highest purpose therefore allowing them to step confidently into their Souls Mission. 


Through writing, Toni has also discovered an unexpected gift of channeling that will be used in the other projects to follow. She's a very creative soul who enjoys bringing beauty and harmony to the world. Toni has worked on many creative projects through designing healing jewelry collection, Divine Sol Creations, all while living her regular 9-5 life as a postal worker and taking care of her family. She is now finally accepting and stepping fully into her purpose and ready to share with the world the secrets and gifts that she beholds. 

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