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Mercury Rx in Scorpio

Mercury Rx Scorpio ~

written by ~ Toni Lynn


As per every Mercury Rx .. there will be tests dressed up as complications, challenges & assumed setbacks thrown our way.

There is no other sign that can test you more powerfully than Scorpio ... IMO. It IS the sign of death, rebirth & transformation. And so this retrograde will be pushing us into doing MORE shadow work & mental surgery to assist us in this final stage of transformation.

Shadow work = identifying what no longer works or brings us pain and deciding to release them for once and for all.

Bad habits

Destructive patterns

Recurring useless fear & doubts

Anything that holds us back from being the best we can be


By the end of the year, if we've been putting in the work, we should have a very clear understanding of who we were put on the Earth to really be and what we are meant to do!!! It's such a beautiful time to be alive. I can't wait to see the outcome.

We've done soooo much amazing internal work this year with all of the other retrogrades but this one feels like the last major transformational test of this cycle. It feels like the final death of who we used to be. Your mind will be completely transformed. And if you transform your mind you automatically get to transform your whole entire being and your World!!

So Use this retrograde to reflect upon your past and banish anything or anyone that disturbs your balance & peace, from your world. Only hold on to the lessons. Do not retreat back into your old illusions. See people & situations for exactly who they are no matter how difficult or painful it is.

Also use this time to plan out your next steps towards your goals that you will put into action when Mercury and Mars goes direct in November , moving you out of the darkness of Scorpio season and setting you up for Harvest in Sagittarius Season. All Of the seasons to follow are about fulfilling your goals except for Pisces.

Recap :

  • Turn inwards to plan & strategize to release what no longer works for you.

  • Pull back, stay calm, have a plan of escape from BS and stick to it.

  • Embrace your shadow side; Find power in your darkness and do not fear chaos. It's a part of the growth process.

  • We are being taught the importance of darkness.

  • Set a vision & course and stick to it; there's not much time left

  • Make plans for what you will do when light comes. Prepare for your harvest

  • Renewing & transforming into your future self; do not hide who you are

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