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Libra Season

~ written by Toni Lynn

Welcome to Libra Season

Libra Season starts the beginning of the Fall season as well as a new cycle. Fall season is also known as cuffing season which is so appropriate for what Libra actually represents being ruled by Venus. (Relationships, love, peace, harmony, socializing, beauty, balance , fun, indulgence, LOA) Fall also represents the time when we are finding acceptance and making peace with those things that no longer serve us , so we allow them to fall away out of our lives gracefully, so that we can make space for other things that we desire to come into our lives like true love, abundance, prosperity, and wealth. Be gone stagnation!

In Libra season its natural to feel the urge of wanting to hook up and feel connected to someone other than ourselves and family. But we must be sure that we're not out here linking up with people simply for the sake of fulfilling an empty space in our lives. We're not trying to draw any new drama , karmic ties and regrets into our lives by leaping blindly into situationships. So over that!! Let's create AMAZING new memories with AMAZING people in this new season. Choose wisely.

Libra Season is about doing what it takes to bring peace, harmony , balance, love & light-heartedness back into our lives. It's about doing what it takes to settle our minds/conscious and lighten and open our hearts again. That is exactly where our focus will be this season. So when I asked what we all as a Collective could work on to help bring more peace & balance into our lives … the word "REGRET" came up.

"Who cares about the past when your future IS so much more MAGICALLY DOPE & FULL OF LOVE & ABUNDANCE!!! "


The Universe is working to bring in all the beauty and love that we deserve and have earned, into our lives but in order to get to that place, where we're open and ready to receive, we first have to keep working to remove the sludge and clutter that's blocking those things from coming through. This month's theme is Regret.

Any defensiveness that you are currently acting out in your life is not only blocking out those people that have done you wrong and that you're wanting to release from your energy but they're also blocking blissings and Divine gifts from coming through. Not only are they NOT actually blocking these energies out but they're actually building walls that's keeping you locked in a prison with these energies.

Its time yo heal these thoughts and feelings that you have about what you've experienced in your past relationships, partnerships & friendships.

Let go of those attachments to your past. Use the lessons that you've learned from those experiences from here on out to help you find peace in yourself and your relationships. You don't have to be so guarded. The true issue that you may have is with YOU believing and trusting in YOURSELF to make the right judgments in the future. Believe in yourself more!! Those lessons were needed at the moment and now they are no longer needed. Trust that YOU will make the right decisions when the time comes.

Discernment is your key to peace and trust of yourself and others. You are wiser because of your experiences. You will find your gift of discernment inside those lessons from your past. Reflect on those lessons of the past but use your CURRENT power to create the love and life that you desire going forward.

  • From here on out .. take your sweet time forming friendships, relationships & business partnerships. I know that you've heard the saying " only fools rush in". Don't rush your connections .. what's for you is for YOU. PERIOD!!! It will be there.

  • Don't take things and people at face value. Vet the things that they say out. Look at the evidence instead of just believing.

  • Say something or take action when you feel that your boundaries have been overstepped or when things don't feel right.

  • Ask clarifying questions and REALLY listen to the answers that are given .. don't twist the answers to make them fit.

This is how you will break out of those patterns that keep you bringing the "wrong" people into your life.

Also be mindful that you're not walking around as if that you know everything. Being a know it all will keep you closed up, defensive and keep you from getting those intuitive nudges of red flags that may have saved you from years of drama.


  • Release defensiveness; you no longer have to give a shit about what others think

  • Release past regrets; forgive yourself for all of the BS you allowed

  • Keep your thoughts positive ; you are attracting the people & and experiences that are on that vibration into your life

  • Raise your vibration and only take in or allow things and people around you that inspire you to raise up

  • Understand that all of your experiences happened to make you wiser; take responsibility to reclaim your power

  • Have the courage to try something new or connect with someone new

  • Love & accept yourself exactly as you are

  • Love and respect your body & energy


Thank you Universe for helping me see beyond the limits of fear.

Thank you for expanding my perceptions so that I can see what is of the Highest Good for me.

I'm the Dreamer of my Dreams and the Creator of my Creations & Life