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Libra New Moon

~ Written by Toni Lynn

New Moon in Libra - Manifest from Your Heart

What are we manifesting?

Success, Self Love , Beauty, Self Confidence, Fearlessness, Joy , Ease , Freedom

A More balanced way of living and a life that we ABSOLUTELY LOVE living

This New Moon is not the time for us to push or work hard against or towards anything. Now is a time of gently allowing things to do what they need to do without resistance while being in a state of Joy and Ease.

We want to be sure that we aren't worrying about ANYTHING during this time.. only thoughts and feelings of love, peace and ease. Our visions, hopes and wishes for the future are being successfully manifested but we want to be sure that we aren't bringing any BS from the past along for the ride so please DO NOT manifest with fear, doubt, hate, jealousy or envy in your heart. Clear that ish out before you start. Focus only on the beautiful things that you wish to see manifest in your life.

Trust me.. you want to believe in yourself right now, more than you ever have because it's paying off ROYALLY!! Even if you can't see it yet .. BELIEVE in your manifesting powers and believe that the impossible is being done on your behalf.


Work your imagination this New Moon. Daydream & feel your way through those visions of your new life as much as you'd like.

Don't just think about money, but what do you plan to DO with that money?

Try writing down all those things that you desire and then write down what it is that you need to do to get it. What do you need to change about yourself ? It could be your attitude, way of thinking, your routine, your way of being, talking, or walking? Or maybe your whole appearance may need a makeover to match your future self.

How different are YOU in this future life?

More playful, More Graceful, More confident, More energized, More mature, More fierce, More fashionable, more fun, more at ease

Do your visions make you smile or light up at the thought of them manifesting?

What is it that needs to change in order for you to match that vision or vibration of what you want? That's where the magic is. We've done a lot of clearing and now it's time to start filling in those spaces.

Here's a New Moon exercise to try:

The other day I created a whole lifestyle schedule of what my new life would be like from the time I woke up until I went to bed. I added time for relaxation, work, play, errands , family , exercise, meditation, days off … you name it. And This is how I plan to utilize my New Moon … Envisioning and adding on to my visions.

Maybe this time I'll get more detailed and plan out my actual work schedule, specific things to do for play, family activities, ways to relax and unwind. Maybe even create a guided meditation playlist on YouTube.

Get as creative as you want. We're going a step beyond our vision boards because we can now feel that we are about to get exactly what we've been asking for. Now what're YOU gonna do with your new goodies? 😊


JOY is my Ultimate Creator Tool

I create mindful moments throughout the day, reminding myself that I AM Love and that miracles ARE natural in my life.

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