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Libra New Moon

written by Toni Lynn

THEME: Your New World Order

Setting NEW Boundaries in order to create and sustain peace and balance in our lives & relationships.

This energy is calling for us to check the relationships that we have with EVERYTHING and EVERYONE in our lives and to be sure that we aren't PEOPLE PLEASING. People pleasing will for sure bring on frustration and resentment as well as leave us feeling drained and UNBALANCED. There should ALWAYS be an even exchange of energy between ourselves and all relationships. Even the things that we spend our money (energy)on. It should ignite something in us or serve a clear purpose in our lives .. otherwise why buy it. Before giving .. we must receive .. period.

We should also be trusting OURSELVES and our Inner Guide well enough to make the best decisions for ourselves. CODEPENDENCY is to be avoided. We should be in full accountability and power over our own lives at this point. No more constantly looking towards outside influences for answers. Its ok every now and then but we gotta trust ourselves even MORE & go within for the answer.

After all of the "letting go" and purging we've done, we are now beginning to create BRAND NEW BOUNDARIES that will help us to live more balanced and peaceful .. yet SELF EMPOWERED lives AND we are putting those boundaries into ACTION.

(Are you incorporating what you've been learning & feeling into your life?)

So if we've been following the flow and moving and doing as we've been guided to... not fighting against our intuition out of fear, and naturally letting go of what we KNOW we're supposed to .. then our lives should already feel a bit more simplified & there should be more mental clarity. That's what Virgo Season was for. There should be less drama.. less chaos and less of other people's thoughts and opinions in our lives & mind.

Welcome to your own personal New World Order


Set an intention to leave all of those things behind and create a BRAND NEW vision or set a BRAND NEW plan in place that will keep you from going backwards.

Peace & Balance in our lives is what we're looking for.

(What does your New Drama free & BALANCED life look and feel like? )

From here on out we are to get used to using our power of DISCERNMENT to help identify what it is that we need and don't need, and who deserves and DOESN'T deserve to be in our life .. BEFORE we accept them in.


•Do they resonate with or mesh well with my own energy?

•Do they FEEL good to me? Do they fill me up ?

•Do we have anything in common?

•Are we going in the same direction?

•Are there any red flags that I'm ignoring?

•Are their lives chaotic?

Because if it is chances are .. they're gonna bring that same energy into your life. Don't laugh it off or look the other way.

•What purpose will they serve in my life?

And last but not least .. BELIEVE IN YOURSELF!! Trust your own judgments and decision making. Doing this will assure that you will not get caught up giving your power away again.

Continue to choose wisely and create healthy boundaries with the people around you and those who later comes into your life.

Be true to you always .. others will adjust.



The moment I realign my thoughts & actions with Love, (self love) clear direction is presented to me.

There is nothing sexier than living MY Authentic Self & MY Authentic Truth .

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