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It’s Spring time... FINALLY

Spring is finally making its way!! I know we are all stuck in the house, worried about what’s to come so I’ve decided to bring some positive words. SPRING IS COMING! Spring Equinox arrives between March 19th & 20th allowing us all the chance to leap forward and move ON from this dead of winter drama. It’s time to spring clean anyways.

Add tea tree oil and eucalyptus to your humidifier, open up the windows and sweep from the back to the front of the house.

Once you’re done, sage every corner of the home in a circular motion and speak words of power. “I am safe, I am protected, I am in charge of my destination”

You can order fresh sage from my shop here.

Plot new plants and give your plants around the house some love and even a bigger space to grow.

Bye Bye Flu & Coronavirus Season!

Aries season is HERE!! Our first house of the zodiac, jumps off this year with the phrase “New Beginnings” and boy is it. Not just for us individually, but more important, collectively. Our New Moon in Sunday, March 22nd is the perfect time for candle magic and powerful “I AM” affirmations and chants.

Mercury’s Post Shadow phase will finally be over March 31st and business will finally began to move on as normal.

The Full Moon in Libra April 7th, known as the pink moon, means just that. Get ready to expand your heart chakra and allow love in. This moon will push you to be around others, to see yourself in those around you, and encourage you to relate to loved ones. Tantra anyone?

(Check our dressed candles in the shop!)

This season, I’m offering 33% off all of my personal readings. USE CODE SPRNGFEVER

Get to know your personal vibrations & astrology chart & be prepared to leap forward this spring with focus and clarity.

#AstroWitch 🔮

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