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Happy Summer Solstice


During Summer Solstice we experience the longest day of the year and the best way to celebrate or harness this energy is to do, wear, eat, listen to and visualize anything that gives you bright sunny vibes.

Do rituals that involve the Sun and fire.

Summer Solstice is also officially the first day of a new season so it brings with it brand new powerful manifesting energies. Let's not forget that we will ALSO be experiencing a Solar Eclipse along with a New Moon .. so if you're wishing for a reset button.. this is the time. The power of this light will not only be energizing but cleansing as well.. take advantage. Use it to burn away any unwanted thoughts and feelings.

Because the world is experiencing so much darkness.. the energy of Summer Solstice, along with this Solar Eclipse, will be ushering in fresh highly charged light energy to help balance out the darkness. It's important that we don't stay engulfed in darkness for too long. We must stay balanced. So get out in that Sun and allow it to cleanse, energize and bring balance to your whole being.

Do whatever brings joy and brightness to your heart. Focus solely on the light and don't allow any darkness to penetrate your energy and knock you out of your vibes.

Have a beautiful day on PURPOSE!! Treat yourself to some beautiful flowers. Listen to some lighthearted music. Dance. Play with children. Do something creative, preferably with your hands. Love on yourself. Eat citrus fruits. Program your drinking water with affirmations of love and joy and feel free to add lemon and oranges to your water as well.


Lightworkers this is YOUR day!! Do something that celebrates YOU today. You've been working so hard. Allow yourself to be reenergized in this beautiful energy.

Rock beautiful bright sunny colors like yellow and orange and crystals like citrine or pyrite. Wear gold jewelry. Ladies pull out those sundresses. Wear flowers in your hair. Get into your Goddess bag!! Allow yourself to sparkle and shine as bright as you feel from the inside out. Activate that Solar Plexus Chakra!!

Sunbathe. Go to the park and lay out under the Sun. If you can get to the ocean .. even better. Dance in the Sun. And don't forget to radiate and transmit your light out into the world and to Momma Gaia. Allow her to support you as you support her.

Feel free to honor any of the Sun Goddesses in whatever way that you feel guided to.

The goal is to find creative ways to amplify your inner light. Keep your vibrations high and stay away from low vibrational people. Guard your energy.

Happy Summer Solstice Family of Light!! Have a Wonderfully high vibrational day full of love and light on purpose.

Written by Toni Lynn

You can also follow her on all Social Media platforms:

Instagram: @Divinesoltv

Facebook: Divine Sol TV

YouTube: Divine Sol TV

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