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Gemini Season Forecast by #AstroWitch

Updated: Apr 30, 2020


The Sun is now in the constellation of GEMINI as we explore our intelligence. Gemini is the first air sign of the zodiac as well as the first mutable energy. After leaving fixed Taurus we can now adapt and smooth any surfaces. The New Moon on June 3rd in Gemini is sure to encourage us to learn something new and use our intelligence to innovate. Mercury is now home in Gemini and communications will be heavy. Expect lots of phone calls, passing of business cards & lots of responding. In Astrology Gemini shows where we are/can be a genius. While some people are better at some things we all have something that makes us our own genius. With the full moon in Sagittarius on June 17th, we will be forced to look at our perceptions and ask if they are really intelligent or just something programmed within our brains. 6 months ago we dealt with asking if our intel fit our philosophy and now we are being asked if our philosophy fits the information we have. With Jupiter Rx In Sagittarius opposition Gemini we are now realizing we do not know everything and what we did know may very well just be data to fit our beliefs. Gemini squashes all personal feelings and gets to the root. The way you receive and deliver information may be rooted in your early childhood and not actually based on higher learning. On the body Gemini represents arms, articulation, the lungs and breathing. Breathe deeply before responding.

We often compare Gemini’s as being 2-faced. As they are often noted as having 2 sides. They reflect to the rest of us the 2 faces we all have. Our personal selves and our public images. Or even the you that you show to everyone else and the one you keep secret. Gemini shows us how to show both and all of our selves and communicate our intelligence inside.

This season tap into your person as well as public image and see the differences. The very thing we despise about most Gemini's is nothing more than a reflection of our selves, Its okay to have many sides and with the Saturn in Retrograde in Capricorn we are learning that we play many characters in our

play of life. We are the main Character.

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