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Happy Gemini Season everyone!! Hold on tight for this ride. It's about to be a magical one. ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ’–

Magical Gifts Awakening / Psychic Activations

If you are someone who's wanting to tap into higher knowledge and wisdom.. this Gemini season is the perfect time for you to do just that. Right now we have a total of 4 planets retrograde and next month Mercury, which is Gemini's ruler, will also be retrograded, meaning, LOTS of INTENSE energy going on INSIDE of all of us. Inside of our hearts AND our minds. I have a suspicion that these energies are happening to activate something inside of us.

And let's not forget that we are now in the energies of the Gemini North Node AS WELL!! This further intensifies our mental activity, inner chatter, our need for connection, our urges to learn something new, the feeling of needing to share something. There is no better time than now for our ancestors and guides to make clear connections with us and best believe that if they do it will be for a major purpose. I sense urgency and I sense psychic wisdom for the purpose of healing, so please pay attention to your thoughts AND dreams .. but we'll get more into that later. And also understand that because of the North Node switching into Gemini, we will have almost 2 years of experiencing a lot of these energies so if you feel nothing .. be patient.. it's coming.. if it's meant for you.

You will not have to work hard or do alot to experience any of this. All you have to do is just continue to focus on yourself, your healing, your transformation, releasing what needs to be released and moving into your flow and purpose. The rest will come.

Telepathy will be activated in some people. Yes some will not only be receiving messages from the spirit realm but some will actually be hearing messages and communicating with other people using only thought.

Some of you are already frequently receiving messages through music lyrics in your thoughts but that's just the beginning. Pay attention. Pay attention to visions that you get as well. Pay attention to when you're in the state of nodding off and actually falling asleep. I've actually woken up a few times recently to catch myself responding to someone that I was in conversation with in that state. Lips moving and everything. Lol It's pretty funny.

There's lots of magical stuff going on right now so feel free to explore it. Play around with others with it. You're experiencing this for a reason so there's no need to fear it. Find your why and go with it.

Mental Mastery and Rewiring

If you find yourself experiencing any negative situations during this time.. do not judge them. Find some acceptance and gratitude for them because they are equipping you with just the right amount of wisdom that you will be needing in your next phase of life.

Don't run from those experiences either but let go of the judgement. Examine them and take what you need from them. Find your Gems (pun intended) in those experiences or energies that are triggering you . Turn inwards and see them for what they REALLY are in that PRESENT moment and not for what they USED TO BE or seemed to be. Turning inwards will actually help to keep you focused on where you need to be right now.

So Gemini's are all about the bridging together of two because they actually represent duality. So this is something that you will need to focus on as well during this season. Balancing this dualistic nature of yourself. Creating inner harmony within yourselves.. silencing your inner critic so that you will be able to discern what's coming through to you. You're going to need more quiet time so that you can focus, feel and hear your inner knowing and inner guidance.

I don't know what's about to go down but spirit is saying that our guides are needing our full attention. They need us calm, clear, present, alert and aware.

They want us to start placing value on our intuition. Don't doubt what you know to be true from your own experience. It is YOUR inner wisdom. Whenever your intuition gives you information don't ignore it. Your psychic muscles are being built up.

I know that Gemini is usually more of a logical person but if you notice, they always have internal dialogue going on. But have you ever stopped to ask them who they're talking to? People like to joke and say that it's their twin but who or what are they REALLY connecting with, foreal? Who is this spirit or energy that they call their twin? ๐Ÿค”


In this Gemini season we should be paying attention to our inner dialogues. Basically watch your thoughts. Watch for psychic information coming through but also watch for negative distractions.

We're looking to get to a space of using emotional intelligence more. Yes combining the two .. logic and emotion. This is how you will gain internal Balance. Before you physically react to something that you feel .. go within and gain information from that feeling. Process it.

Lets use anger for example. When you feel this anger bubbling up .. detach from the emotion, acknowledge it and observe it. Don't ignore it. You will need to find out what's at the core of that anger. Is it fear, disappointment, dissatisfaction.. what is it? Then ask yourself.. why are you feeling this way? Why are you being triggered by this thing, person or situation so much? Why cant you let go? Ask yourself if you've ever felt this way before and if so .. when?

Pay attention to the response and ask yourself more questions until you're able to get to the very first time that you've ever felt this.

The more questions that you ask yourself.. you'll probably be led back to a situation in your childhood where you first experienced this exact feeling. When you get there .. sit in it and be sure that that younger version of you is there as well. It's now time for you to do your healing and release work right there. That is the root. Heal that and the rest of the intense emotions behind the other issues or branches attached to that tree will disappear.

If you're feeling like you need more help or guidance with this and it's more triggering than you can actually handle .. please seek professional help. And if you're looking for more guidance with healing that younger version of yourself.. your inner child, feel free to Google or YouTube some guided meditations for this.

We can no longer continue to unconsciously react to things because this creates unwanted chaos. We must learn to clearly understand what's going on inside of us and outside of us BEFORE taking action. This doesn't mean that you are NOT to take action but it just makes sure that you're moving from a clear mind and you're gaining control over your situations. It will also help to keep you from creating careless and unnecessary extra karma in your lives at a time where we are working to clear karma.

So basically during this season we're needing to work towards being more forgiving of ourselves and others, releasing judgement on ourselves and others and pulling up those old painful memories so that they can be reevaluated and you can transform them so that you are gaining peace, power and wisdom vs pain when they come up.

Please Evaluate those mental stories that you tell yourself over and over and ask your guides and ancestors to help you with this. Ask them to help you to see clearly what is REALLY happening with this situation or what has REALLY happened. YOU created that life then and you now have the power to create a NEW one for yourself.


I get the feeling that, since we are in a time of transformation, our guides are working with us to help clear out and rewire our brains but in order to do this we have to be open to it and actively doing the work ourselves. And now I think about .. I've actually been experiencing alot of headaches lately. Have any of you? Please comment and let me know if this has been your experience as well.

In order for us to become this new person and experience this new life that we are dreaming of we must create a new mindset for ourselves.

We need new stories to color our minds. Not that stank stagnant old stuff that we're used to. That shit is expired, spoiled, dusty and raggedy. It's time to throw it out and redecorate your internal world. Open the windows .. and as a matter of fact ..clean them .. so that you can really see the beauty of your life and what's in front of you. Repaint in there. Bring in some fresh flowers and colorful pillows. Its long overdue. Your mind is a sacred space just the same as your heart is and it should be treated as such.

I know that some of you may be experiencing some heaviness or darkness or discomfort during this time but at this point YOU have a choice to make. You don't have to stay in that darkness any longer. The door has been opened and it's been opened to a big bright empty home. There is nothing but life and new possibilities in there waiting to be filled by you. It's time and you've definitely earned this.

So make a choice. What are you gonna do? Are you gonna come out of that darkness into your new HOME? Or will you be choosing to stay? The choice is yours. You have every right to stay if you're not ready. But If you're planning to leave .. let"s prepare. Let's think about what you plan on filling your new home, your new life, your new mental space with.

Are you bringing that old dusty ass stuff with you? You can always clean it up and donate or repurpose it into art. Make it beautiful.. but I know damn well that you're not bringing that stuff as is. And don't bring too much though ...just a few things of value. Leave lots of space for your fly new stuff.

So Once you do get moved in will you be locking up and sealing that door shut behind you? A beautiful picture could always go there or a fireplace .. or will you be going back and forth letting all of those old musty stank fumes and energies into your new home? How will you be decorating? Enjoy filling your new home to your new taste to fit the new you and spare no expenses because you have an abundance of everything at your disposal.

Keep this visual in mind? For alot of you that new home is done and you have the key already.. you just don't realize it because you're distracted. For others .. don't worry it's still in renovation but it's coming. Keep letting go mentally. Gratitude is your key.

This will actually be a great visualization exercise that you can use during this Gemini New Moon that's happening on May 22nd. Yes I know this is A LOT of Gemini energy and it's ok. Lol Take advantage of it.

I feel that with all of this mental energy going on lots of new mediums and psychics will be awakened. Pretty Dope!! These are our natural gifts just being reactivated in us anyway.


There will be LOTS of information, wisdom and sacred messages coming through from the spirit realm during this Gemini Season so stay mindful of your mental activity. Receive those messages with gratitude but also be sure to protect your mental space. Be discerning of the information coming through to you. Call on your guides and ancestors for help with this. Ask them to clarify and confirm all that you receive. Also use your own feelings as a tool of discernment. If it doesn't feel right to YOU.. let it go.

It's going to be very important that you begin to create connections with your ancestors and get familiar with their style of communicating with you, if you haven't already done so. This will assure that you will be able to identify, right away, where the information is coming from and that it is for your highest good.


Writing down these thoughts can also help you to sort through all the information and messages that you will be receiving and can even help you to find understanding. So if you don't own a journal then now would be the perfect time to get you one and make it a daily practice for this whole month.

ENJOY YOUR LIFE .. Get Curious About It

Raise your vibration and keep it high to assure that you are only attracting high vibrational experiences to you.

Find some excitement in your life .. explore and try some new things .. this will open you up to receive more exciting experiences. Excitement can be seen as a form of gratitude as well. It tells the Universe to YES GIVE ME MORE. As a matter of fact.. If it doesn't excite you then you should not be wasting energy on it. If it doesn't make you want to learn more about it then why do it? Everything that you do from here on out .. everything that you add to your life ...should ignite your soul. Period!! If it doesn't light you up with curiosity and excitement .. it should not have a place in your life right now.


Be sure to protect your crown chakra as well as your root chakra and keep them both clear. This will help keep you balanced since they both work hand in hand.

Keep yourself grounded. There are many guided meditations on YouTube that can help you with this.

If you feel yourself getting mental fog or confusion, feeling lightheaded or feel yourself getting drained .. that means that there's some clearing out that needs to be done.

If you feel yourself being guided towards eating lighter .. do that as well. Maybe more veggies and fruits. Drink more water and eat smaller meals. This may help with mental fog.

Another thing that you can try is wearing Crystal's inside of your hair or adorn your head with crystals. There are many ways that you do this. You can place them inside of your head wraps, scarves or your hats. You can make some crystal jewels to hang on your locs or braids. This will also help with psychic attacks, Crown chakra protection and crown chakra clearing and healing.

For grounding you can do the same. Place crystals inside of your shoes, walk barefoot, plant your bare feet in some grass, or maybe try doing some of your meditations at the park.

And yes meditation will be a very important tool to use during this time. Stay connected.

And so to end this .. although this message may have come across as very overwhelming .. it felt very light, fresh and energizing to me so please have no fear.

I understand that there are usually energies of darkness, taboo and forbidden wrapped around topics of psychic knowledge and magic but They're saying to release the fear and have some fun with it. Life is meant to feel magical because life IS magical. You just need to be opened to this and that is exactly what they are doing for you. And as I finish off the birds are chirping. Lol

Anyway.. happy Exploring everyone and feel free to share any of your experiences in the comments. And keep a look out for the New Moon reading that will soon follow this.

Keep reading below for more information on Geminis.

Peace ๐Ÿ’–


Geminis are the Sacred Messenger of the Zodiac. They are the medium and the bridge between spirit and earth.

They are here to show us how to connect and effectively communicate with others but they are also here to teach us something or share a message with us. So during this season be mindful of how you communicate with others. Make sure that you are listening just as much as you are talking. You never know.. that conversation just may save your life in some way or bring healing or closures to you. Get out vhf of your feelings.


COLORS : all shades of yellow and light green. Try adding them to your wardrobe.

CRYSTALS: moonstone, aquamarine, labradorite, agate, Tigers eyes, green jade, ritilated quartz, quartz crystal

HERBS : dill, lavender, caraway, Parsley , basil, lemon balm, marjoram, fennel, licorice, valerian.

Try cooking with them or adding them to your teas.

FRAGRANCES/ ESSENTIAL OILS: lavender, peppermint, lemongrass , basil, grapefruit, neroli


FRUITS / VEGGIES : Nuts, sunflower seeds, whole grains, legumes, and yogurt, endive, oats, tomatoes, cabbage, broccoli, carrot, cucumber, plums, peaches, grapes, bananas, basmati rice, green and red beans, quinoa.

Food that's good for the functioning of the nervous system include : oranges, lemons, grapefruits, walnuts, baked fish and seafood, pears, and grapes. Salad greens and cauliflower seeds in small amount will support and provide nutrients for bronchitis prevention.

AVOID : Avoid: Coffee and because Geminis are always on the go .. in order to ensure that they are able to keep a healthy diet , meal prep will need to be utilized.

ACTIVITIES: Meditation, yoga , journaling, anything that stimulates their senses and the mind and makes them talk and talk their minds out. Puzzles, Martial arts, boxing, dance, running, any physically demanding exercise will allow them to reduce stress and release negative thoughts.

DECOR : Anything that will allow for great entertaining and partying. Decor must be unique, tasteful and expensive. They love to impress. Also central air or fans in the home are a must for Gemini. They do not like being hot.

FLOWERS : Lavender and lily of the valley,

Written by,

Toni Lynn Winfield

You can also follow her on all Social Media platforms:

Instagram: @Divinesoltv

Facebook: Divine Sol TV

YouTube: Divine Sol TV

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