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Gemini New Moon


Self Care Activities To Add to your Routine in Honor of Gemini New Moon and Season ...

Read a new book or learn something new. Hey .. maybe write a book if you've got one in you.

Give and pay extra attention to your arms and hands. Give yourself a manicure or have someone treat you to hand massages.

Open up your windows and allow fresh air in.

Do breathing excercises to help keep you centered

Light up some lavender incense or diffuse lavender essential oils for calming energy.

Chat with some good friends that you've been missing.

Find a way to express yourself. Talk it out or write it out. What's on you mind?

Get some excercise in. Go for a walk or jog to get those lungs activated.

Where should your focus be and what can you expect during this time..

New Communication- Choose a New way of communicating with yourself and others

Think before you speak. See the bigger picture. Find balance between speaking your mind and saying too much. Balance is key.

New mindset - Purify your thoughts.

Step out of those old mental cycles.

Allowing yourself fun time will help with this.

Connect with your God, your Guides, your Angels and your Ancestors for help with clearing and cleansing your mind.

New ideas - loosen up so that new ideas can come through

The Universe is now guiding us towards using our logic and intuition hand in hand more often.

New Vision / Clearer Vision - For some your third eye will opening or expanding. Your internal vision is about to be magnified. Pay attention and write down your thoughts, visions and dreams.

Acknowledge the visions and symbols that you come across as they are signs from the spiritual realm. You are being Divinely Guided.

New Intentions- Find gratitude with the old in order to open the door to the new.

Set the intention for this.

Balance - find balance between your head and heart.

You've just stepped out of the dark tunnel of the Scorpio full moon .. allow yourself a breather. Celebrate the work that you've done this far. Go play. Geminis don't like all of those deep dark topics but they do know how to have a good time so take note and follow suit.

Some are still in quarantine but this doesnt mean that you cant let your hair down and party. It just means that you have to get creative. After you've set your intentions. Go let your hair down and party.

Nothing else is needed but to stay open to a new state of awareness. Spirit is saying to just get in a space of allowing.

And remember.. all that you learn and see

During this magical time .. you are meant to find a way to integrate this into your everyday life. Or you are to find a way to make these things useful to others. It is not meant for you to sit on. Ground it into your life and share it.

What're you gonna do with your magic?

Ok so I'm getting a vision of a cross. And each point on the cross represents an element. Earth (physical) , air (mental) , water (emotional) , and fire (spiritual). You are to find a way to sit in the center of this cross and let the energies flow through you. This balance that we're looking for doesn't stop with mental and spiritual. We have to make the mental and spiritual tangible through feeling and manifesting into the physical. This is true balance.

Bring the information down from the spirit into your mental.. allow yourself to feel it into a physical manifestation.

So when I say to ground it into your life, this is what is meant but you cannot skip the emotional aspect. So those who are numbing, ignoring or blocking their emotions .. you must get into a space of ALLOWING. Allow them to do what they are needing to do. Flow. And this is why Spirit says to just get into a space of allowing. Allow it ALL to flow. Don't halt any of these. They all play a part in manifesting your new life. Your heaven on Earth. Your new timeline. Your purpose driven life.

Are your manifestations not coming into fruition? Check your emotions. You have some unleashing to do.