Full moon in Cancer, 2022

FULL MOON VIDEO UPLOADING… We are definitely transforming and moving through this baby watery moon sign of Cancer ♋️. It’s not a baby in a belittling way, in a way of

just discovering, just learning, and just feeling. When we first experience things we see them with fresh eyes, as if it’s whole new, fresh, and never seen before. Due to this, we chase these feelings and experiences all through our physical existence while we figure them out, unlearn, and RELEASE! Water must flow, it must move and expand. Instead we often tend to act in our natal moon. Causing us to see emotions and experiences differently. I have a moon in libra, seeking balance, I am moved by music, arts, beauty, comedy &!drama 🎭 what sign is your moon and let’s chat while videos uploading. Emails soon come to all those who were personally added to full moon vibes/ritual. #astrowitch 🧿🖤🔮

Happy full moon sisters!! 😚😚😚 This video sums up tonight's ritual in a magical comedy way. This is definitely Sun in Capricorn, moon in cancer vibes. I send this video with love, laughter, and a lil bit into my mind to tap into this ritual experience. This full moon was tough, it was tense and I'll be doing ritual for 3 days. Pls drink lots of water! 🧿🖤🔮


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