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Chiron Retrograde in Aries 7/11/20 - 12/15/20

I Wanna Be Made Ova

Healing Your Identity

Who am I now that my soul has broken free from all of those lies and fears that kept me from seeing my most authentic potential?

Yes people .. we have yet ANOTHER retrograde to deal with. Don't shoot the Messenger. 🤷🏾‍♀️

We previously moved into Taurus and worked on our self values and self esteem. We let go of a lot of things that were keeping us from understanding and knowing our worth. Now we're going back to see if we've kicked up anything else pertaining to our identity that needs mending, tweaking, healing, tending to or letting go of.

So Chiron in Taurus should have helped you to see that you are worth so much more than you thought yourself to be. Before, you may have felt yourself to be an average or basic person/soul, not knowing what or if you had anything of value to offer to this world. Or maybe you felt deep down that you did have a major role/purpose to play out in this life but for some reason you felt that you were unworthy and playing yourself small.

Now, in all of the shadow work that you've done, you should've begun to FEEL that you ARE so much more than you've thought yourself to be. And if this is the case, with Chiron moving back into Aries, that means that your actual vision of yourself must change, yet AGAIN … and so does your actions.

Maybe now you may see yourself as Superhuman, God, Goddess, Warrior, Healer, Leader, Teacher. You may have even found hidden talents inside of yourself. If so, you are now being asked to incorporate them into your new identity. Your Soul is evolving love .. therefore your role in life is now changing and shifting as well.

So with Chiron moving back into Aries you want to ask yourself…

"Who am I NOW and how do I need to move from here on out to support that vision?"

🎵 Ha I'm hearing Tina Turner singing "I wanna be made ova" lol 🎵

Well that's exactly what's being done. You're being made over honey .. from the inside out. Be kind to yourself and others. ✌💜

~ written & channeled by

Toni Lynn

Instagram : DivineSolTv

Facebook : Divine Sol TV

YouTube : Divine Sol TV

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