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Cancer Season Energy Reading

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

Theme for the season :

FORWARD MOVEMENT ONLY… Follow the path of the light

WHEW So let's first take a look at allll that is going on this Cancer Season..

Summer Solstice

New Moon in Cancer

Solar Eclipse in Cancer

Mercury Retrograde in Cancer

Neptune Retrograde in Pisces (more water)

Venus Retrograde in Gemini

Jupiter Retrograde in Capricorn

Saturn Retrograde in Aquarius

Pluto Retrograde in Capricorn

😳 WTF oh yeah things are about to be pretty lit on top of allll of the other retrogrades that we are experiencing. Oh best believe that an internal evolution of some sort is happening. You don't get all of this energy without reason. There is ALWAYS a reason. So the question is .. what is that reason for you??

What is changing inside of YOU?

No need to think too hard because I'm about 99 percent sure that you've felt something shifting in your life but most importantly... INSIDE of you. Take note and mark it down because you, my dear, are in the middle of your own personal evolution. How dope!! 😊 (ok I know it doesn't feel dope .. yet lol)

But let's get into this message for Cancer Season.....


Happy birthday to all of our Moon Babies!!!

Cancer rules over our feelings and emotions so we are sure to experience some sort of emotional rollercoaster this season with all of this retrograde energy. Spirit is saying .. don't you fall for it. Don't get stuck in all of this emotional energy. Keep going fam.

~ A Channeled message by Toni Lynn

The Cancer Season message says to .... STEP INTO THE LIGHT CAROLANNE


This Cancer season will be kicking up situations that will bring to us opportunities for us to begin taking better care of ourselves and our hearts. You've been going so hard with life but you cannot forget YOU and your well being in the midst of all the work you've been putting in. Mental , physical AND spiritual work. It's ok to take a step back and find something joyful to focus on for a bit.

It is time to Get back to nurturing yourself because when or if shit hit the fan we need you to be supercharged and ready to go. So Spirit wants to encourage you to take some time out for pleasure. Take a step away from everything so that you may be recharged and you can give your prayers a chance to work.

( And although we are in Cancer season .. I keep getting the vision and theme of Leo. So either ... the way of Leo will be your answer for what is to come OR something will be hitting the fan in Leo Season since we are in a moment of pause, energetically, right now. )

This is a time for pleasure, enjoyment, and expansion. It is a time to celebrate all of the work that you've done so far. You must find a way to bring joy into your life. Life has to be balanced. It's about ebb and flow.. which means that we cannot stay in darkness for long periods of time.

Allow yourself to be lifted energetically. If you've been feeling dark, heavy and low on energy, The Universe will be dishing out extra doses of energy, creativity and inspiration so dont miss out. Step out of the darkness and into the light .. literally the sunlight. It's ok.

Although the undertone of the world and maybe even your life may feel cold and dark, you must make the choice to move out of that space for a bit. This creates space for those miracles that you've been praying for to actualize. It will also give you the space to recognize what it is that you need or may be missing in your life vs what or who needs to go. Yes we are still eliminating because we are still evolving and as we evolve we will continue to recognize things that need to go. It doesn't stop.. at least not yet. But for now you get to go have fun and kick up more dirt. Lol Sorry that's the visual. 🤷🏽‍♀️

Take a step back and admire what you've done so far. Admire, be proud of and celebrate who you've become so far. Yes you've changed, no you're not done but you are right on schedule and right where you need to be at the moment.

Have you noticed that there are some things that you can no longer tolerate in your life yet? Are they triggering you? Have your passions changed yet? Do you feel like your purpose may be shifting a bit?

If so don't be alarmed. It's all a part of the process. We all are about to either be put on a spin cycle or have just come off of a spin cycle that is meant to kick off those things that you said or the Universe said needed to go in order for you to get what you said that you wanted...but either way .. this is the pause. Enjoy this break. Take a breather before it begins again.

During this pause I want you to reflect on all of your experiences that you've had so far. Try to find the silver lining in all that you've experienced. But also check in with yourself to make sure that your reasoning behind your drive and passion is still where it needs to be. Because the love and passion behind all that you do is what you're going to have to continue to rely on when things either slow down for you or get chaotic. That love will help to see you through all of those perceived failures and disappointments until you're able to reach your goals.


This season try to be as real and as honest as possible with your feelings. Allow yourself to come out of your comfort zone a bit when it comes to your feelings. If you're used to handling your emotions one way .. try another way this season. Step your emotional game up because, right now, we are learning how to master our emotions but in order to do this we must allow ourselves to FEEL. We must allow ourselves to be vulnerable. You cannot master your emotions if you stuff them away. And also keep in mind that our emotions are one of the most powerful ways for a person to control or manipulate us. If you master them along with your thoughts you become a POWERHOUSE.

So during this time please do not cover up or stuff down any thoughts or any feelings that comes up and doesn't feels right in your life. Do what needs to be done and express these emotions without worrying about what anyone thinks. It's time to put you first. We are experiencing a mass clearing out .. willingly or unwillingly. The divine wants so much more for you and has so much more waiting for you. So it's time to hit those mental and emotional closets Sis/Bruh.

We are looking to get to a space of being able to easily maneuver through challenges when they come up for us without getting knocked out by an emotional current. We want to slowly work ourselves into this space so that, when we get hit by something that triggers us , we're taking less and less time to bounce back. We need to be able to get back up quickly, refocus and get back in the game. But this takes time and practice and those things that bring us joy and make us laugh are going to be the tools that we'll need to use to help get us through those challenges.

(And as I write this I'm realizing how much of a guinea pig I am for you all because I've just come out of this energy and these tools are exactly what helped me. Lol Spirit is very funny. Smh)


Look for ways to flourish when faced with challenges

Tap into your passions and remember why you chose this path I the first place

Get creative in how you tackle these triggers. Find a way to laugh at your adversities and not let them get you so down

Always look for why this may be happening and ask yourself how you can grow from this situation

You may be pushed into more uncomfortable situations but understand and remember that it's all to make you stronger and wiser. Here is where you will gain the wisdom that you will use to help others.


Shadows are being exposed through your light

Something hidden is going to be realized and brought to light during this season for quite a few people. Something that was once forgotten or hidden or stuck in your heart or may have kept you stuck in your heart. The Divine is attempting to free you from ALL chains of your past. Things that may haunt you may come up to be cleared. Don't be afraid. It just wants to be healed.

There may be some secrets being revealed as well. Be honest with all involved and ask for the same in return.

Ask for help with dealing and healing anything heavy triggers or situations coming up for you. Even if there is nothing heavy going on .. you deserve for someone to have your back and be in your corner .. so no matter how big or small .. ask your angels for divine intervention. I don't care if it's for a parking space. If it makes your life easier for a moment.. the divine will gladly help. And remember.. this too shall end.


Any old relationships need to be healed?

Do you trust your heart to lead and guide you?

You are attracting so much to you right now just because of how dope you are. That Divine glow is contagious and possibly dangerous. Be very discerning about what opportunities, people and situations that you attract and keep. If it's undesirable or not useful to you .. throw it back where it came from. Don't second guess, stuff down or hold on to anything.

GROUND YOURSELF IN LIGHT. You can do this through centering yourself into your heart bringing light energy down through your Crown chakra and through the rest of your chakras centers anchoring it into the center of the Earth.

Never give anyone the power to mess up your day or dim your light. You are a lighthouse!! Shine your light baby. Pay attention to those that you have around you and ask yourself are they good for you.

And get out in the Sun and allow the Sun to cleanse and recharge you.

Be courageous and confident during this time and step up your goals another level. Release self doubt and fear and put yourself out there again. Allow yourself to be vulnerable. You are READY, you are safe and you are protected.

Keep progressing. Clarity will soon follow.


Baths baths and more baths are a must!! The more water the better. This will further help you to release feelings and emotions. If you can get to the ocean..even better.

Hydrate. Drink more water and program your water by speaking affirmations of love, health and empowerment in your water before drinking. Charge your water under the moonlight.

Meditation. Spend lots of time in quiet contemplation

Moongaze. Daydream and give your wishes the moon.

Boundaries. Create boundaries for yourself so that you're not constantly picking up other people's emotions

Comfort. Enjoy a few comfort foods and have a comfortable and secure space for you to retreat to for relaxation to avoid burnouts. Wear soft and comfy clothes with soft colors.

Feel. Allow yourself to feel

Breast Awareness. Cancer rules the breast so ladies don't forget your self breast examinations and don't forget to set up appointments for those mammograms if you're due for one.

For our men .. be mindful as well because men can also get breast cancer.

For both men and women, you can help to alleviate breast cancer or any form cancer by healing, balancing, expressing and releasing all emotions. Acknowledge your feelings.

Ladies maybe treat yourself to some new bras. 😊💜

Maybe have your special someone give extra attention to your breast. Or give yourself a breast massage.

Stomachs. Cancer also rules the stomach so be mindful of your tummys. Be mindful of what you're putting in there and also pay attention to the intuitive nudges that you may get through your stomachs.



Sage, Aloe, Lemon balm, Bay leaves, Parsley Try cooking with them or adding them to your teas.

Cancer tends to be the sign that struggles the most with anxiety, emotional upset and picks up on all sorts of vibes so white sage is the best herb to support them. Smudging with white sage can help bring them back to ground and settle those turbulent emotions.


White ,Silver ,Blue

Try adding them to your wardrobe.


Basil, Rosewood ,Balsam of Peru



Loves mild, soothing foods like ice cream, rice or chamomile. Also, watery or water-based foods like melon, watercress and seaweed.

Food that are good for the functioning of the digestive system :

Foods that contain calcium fluoride like : eggs, wheat, rye, beetroot, kefir or yogurt, and seafood, oysters especially.

Dairy, especially cottage cheese should be included into their diet, as well as green salad and tomatoes. Include hibiscus into your diet it to decrease digestion problems.


Food rich with starch like banana and potato. You shouldn't eat much salt, because it prevents normal fluid's circulation. Cancers' stomachs react badly on spices and seasoning, so try to be moderate in it. Hot peppers and sauces are highly not recommended. They irritate the stomach. The main purpose of Cancer is to keep track of stomach activity and ensure it being proper and healthy.


Jogging ,Reading, Gardening

Cooking, Interior design, Traveling

Collecting, Antiques, Learning About History

DECOR : Anything creative and romantic cozy and familiar. With colors of pale blue, silver and white. You can even add some water elements to your home.

FLOWERS : White Roses, Lillies

Written by,

Toni Lynn Winfield

You can also follow her on all Social Media platforms:

Instagram: @Divinesoltv

Facebook: Divine Sol TV

YouTube: Divine Sol TV

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