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Breaking the Chains: Full Moon in Cancer & #AstroTalk with AstroWitch & Toni

Updated: Jul 12, 2020

The moon is full in Capricorn opposition the Sun in Cancer bringing to awareness the structures to better nourish ourselves. Sometimes we create a “HAVE TO” mentality verses a “WANT TO” perspective. This manifests tensions and feelings of obligation. We must tap into our true and higher selves. Take off the illusions of false emotions and realize the things we do are because we want to and not because we have to. You want to be who you are and act the way you act. In astrology Capricorn is home to Saturn and is about structures, and restrictions. He’s a father figure. His boundaries are in place to keep order. You stay within these confinements because you WANT TO, not because you have too.


With Saturn still retrograding In his home, Capricorn until mid September, this conjunction with the full moon creates a wonderful time to look within our deepest selves and break free of the illusions and the chains that we have created. This is within ourselves and also in this world together. Jupiter and Pluto both join Saturn and the full moon in Capricorn. It’s time to really reflect on what we need individually ands as a collective to transform and change, and then expand on once Jupiter goes direct in Mid-September as well like Saturn. This divine union of Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto in Capricorn retrogrades will continue to reimagine and redefine our ideas of structures, boundaries and the break the illusions the world we live in.


In tarot Capricorn is represented by the Devil Card. Making Saturn at times to be perceived as harsh, cruel, or even a trickster. The key to the card reminds us the chains were always free. It was only us who believed the chains existed. Take a look within your shadow self and darkness and reevaluate if these ideas or beliefs are holding you back and creating restrictions on your limitless potential in this world.


This full moon is all about CREATIVITY & INSPIRATION. Tap into what inspires you to get creative, harness on those motivations and you utilize the tools around you to get things started now that you have removed what was in your way. With this full moon, reflect and write down those restrictions, burn them with a red or black candle. If you’re feeling fancy, write some 6 pointed stars, 2 triangles different directions or on your candles. Use herbs such as Patchouli, Sandalwood, Juniper berry, Eucalyptus, Ginger, Chamomile, Lemon, Peppermint, Tea-Tree or combinations of any of these. Make teas, baths, or aroma with these herbs and you visualize your goals and remove the obstacles that are stopping you for achieving them. A Capricorn full moon is great for money, career advancement, new home and new structure magic.

(Written by: Kristina Veanueva #AstroWitch)

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a channeled message ~ by Toni Lynn

This Lunar Eclipse is meant to be used to help you to create and manifest your dreams. You are receiving extra manifesting powers. So be sure to be very clear and honest about what you wish to manifest in your life. Then begin taking steps towards that wish. Try to do one thing everyday or at least every week that will help to get you closer to that dream. This is how you co-create with the Universe or with God.

You have to put in work as well if you want to reap rewards. That's how manifesting works. When you take steps towards what you ask for it let's the Universe know that you are serious AND ready for more or something better.

Recognize that you have incredible power within you. have the power of your Ancestors INSIDE of you!! Do you know how many ancestors you HAVE!! That means that there is unlimited power and potential INSIDE OF YOU. They are not outside of you .. they are inside of you. They guide you from inside. Conjure up their strength and tap into their wisdom.

This energy feels like God is putting a hand out to help pull you up another level. Don't ignore it. Use this energy to create something but be sure that what you are wishing to create is healing, supportive and for the Highest Good of yourself and all who will be involved in your dreams.


It seems that there may be some emotional situations occurring for some with this full moon or maybe even some old intense emotional situations or memories coming up to the surface to be healed .. still. Lol I say still because it seems as though every message that comes up speaks on our emotions and working towards our goal and our purpose. Although it IS to be expected because the moon rules over our emotions.

This tells me that in order for us to reach our fullest potential.. we have A LOT of emotional sorting and purging that we must do. The way to our magick is through our emotions. So keep in mind that if anything emotional comes up for you , you are to connect with those feelings and emotions. Do not deny, ignore or stuff them down. Allow them to flow and then use this energy to help find understanding of those emotions and maybe even find a way to make them work for you versus against you. Those emotions are meant to help you to understand what you want and need in your life versus what you don't. They are to be used as your inner compass.

All of these eclipses and retrogrades are teaching us all to FEEL again. We are not alive without our feelings. Without our feelings and emotions we become programmed robots.

In order to create change in our lives, we have to allow ourselves to feel what's going on around us and INSIDE OF US. We've been programmed and desensitized to EVERYTHING for so long but the Universe has said NO MORE!! So it is imperative that we consciously put in the work and make an effort to reverse this. YOU ARE NOW BEING ASKED TO WAKE UP AND LIVE!!! Not just survive but LIVE!! Wake up your senses!! And a first step to doing this is to be aware of what you are putting into your body. Understand that the foods that you consume are programmed to program you.


Welp .. this is not an expert topic of mine but it's the message and example that I'm receiving to be shared so take heed .. if you choose to.

I'm sure that many of you have heard about sex trafficking and the link to adrenochrome harvesting. I don't follow this much but awareness is being brought about to it everywhere so you can't really get away from it. So this is the example that Spirit asked for me to use.

So, the same way that these people are consuming the energies from the things that they CHOOSE to do .. for their own selfish gains .. the reverse is happening to you through the foods that you CHOOSE to eat. Think about the meats that you consume and the torture that happens to those animals before they make it to you. Unfortunately it IS the same thing. Draw your own conclusions but there are no coincidences. A Lot of your fears and anxiety are coming from the things that you consume. Choose what you put into and onto your body wisely.

You have been numbed out but the Divine has stepped in to help you to un-numb and deprogram yourselves. It won't happen easy for you but YOU have to make the choice and then take the first step. You can ask your guides for help with this once you're serious about making these changes in your life. You are being asked to CHOOSE to do something different. Choose with your hearts and choose wisely and then watch your whole world change. 💜

Affirmations :

My outer experiences are a reflection of my internal condition

Joy is the Ultimate creator.

Get your inner world balanced so that you are able to create from a space of Joy.

~ written by Toni Lynn

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