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This week in Astrology 7.12.20/7.18.20 w/AstroWitch & Toni Lynn

This week in Astrology 7/12/2020-7/18/2020

This week we start off with the Sun in Cancer 20° encouraging cooperation and compassion. Mercury in Cancer comes out of Retrograde and begin it’s post phase, picking up into the fast speed of Mercury. The Moon and Mars start this week in Aries. Be calm, do things from the heart verses being impulsive and fiery. Balance your ego and be authentic instead of being egotistical and selfish. Think in terms of balance with yourself and others around you. As a collective.

Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto are still in Rx in Capricorn. This opposition with the Sun and Mercury meets in cancer and will shine its light on better ways to nurture our businesses and public image and family. Allowing us to find the necessary words to express our feelings. Venus in Gemini placement inspires us to read and research ways to achieve our goals. Pisces is retrograde in Neptune until the end of November. Be mindful of illusions, telling lies, and being too dreamy. Instead write out your dreams on paper and focus on steps and structures to manifest these things into reality. Neptune in Rx can play out with drugs and other psychedelic substances. Be mindful to not over indulge. Instead adding meditation and dream journaling will help to balance this Neptune in Pisces Rx.

AstroWitch Kristina Veanueva @witchesandco

Astro Theme: Divine balance

Men : embrace your inner gentler qualities

Women : embrace your outer qualities of strength

This week don't run from any emotions or fear of expressing them, rather try to find a way to understand and balance them. Express yourself this week with gentleness, confidence and strength. This is how you will find balance between the Moon and Mars and also soften the effects that it may have on your week.

During this week a lot of people may feel either highly analytical or overly emotional. Your job is to address this imbalance. To be overly anything is to be imbalanced.

If you find yourself ignoring or judging any side of yourself, Masculine or Feminine, ask yourself what are you hiding and why are you afraid to experience this? Go there and you will find the place that needs nurturing, healing, and balance the most at this time.

Remember Chiron is also going retrograde in Aries so healing is definitely required.

Look to see what house Aries rules in your birth chart to find what area of your life you may experience these early.

Peace 💜

~ Written by Toni Lynn

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