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Aquarius Season: The Art of Detachment. #AstroWitch

On Monday January 20th, 2020 the sun makes its way into Aquarius. The sun is detrimental in Aquarius and gets burned easily. It doesn’t want the light shined only on itself, rather it’s light shined on its knowledge. In astrology we call Aquarius the mature one of the air signs and it’s key phrase is “I Know!” Aquarius in the chart represents friendships, organizations and inspiration. Are your friends inspiring you to be your best self?

Aquarius energy can often come off as detached. This is due to their wisdom of being an individual while also being apart of the collective. Aquarius season asks us to detach from our personal feelings and connect to the ALL! The Art of Detachment is NOT running away or fading to black. The practice of detachment is the ability to be fully present in any situation while detaching from the pain and sadness coming from individuals. I compare this to those who work in emergency care, they are focused on solutions and healings all the while screaming and pain is all around them. They do not run and hide, yet detach bc they KNOW you are in pain and are finding solutions to the problem. Chaos is always around us, chaos does not have to be within us.

This mutable zodiac adapts and gets to the solution using its knowledge. The new moon in Aquarius on January 24th will give us the a fresh start with our emotions and feelings. This opportunity will allow us to let go of the idea that something is happening to us and flow into the feelings of I’m happening to something. Neptune and Venus are both in intuitive Pisces, heightening our psychic abilities and also showing us victim personality that may be attracting the situations we profess we do not like. Dream big, attract big.

The Full moon on February 9th, in Leo is an heartfelt moment to tap into your inner child. Is she still there waiting for something? Go within and speak the words and give the comfort to your inner child, bring her to the present. Give her the apologies and forgiveness she deserves to move forward.

Saturn in its comfy spot of Capricorn has a few more weeks before it makes its leap to rebellious and unique Aquarius. Spend these moments checking off your to-do list, setting up healthy boundaries and structuring your goals.

In tarot the Fool card is governed by Uranus while Aquarius is governed by The Star card. Both cards remind us this is all apart of the journey. While these days “fool” is used in negative context, in tarot the fool is free. The fool does not care what the masses perceive and goes foolishly on its journey knowing all is right and exact. Whatever one needs will be provided by the universe... and we are always where we need to be.

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Join in on our collective honey jar. It’s worked for 28 days from new moon to new moon. Every season.

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