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Aquarius Full Moon

Aquarius Full Moon Energy Reading

written by Toni Lynn

Theme : Declaring Your Freedom To Be

Stay True To Yourself

The energy of Aquarius is all about being courageous enough to be your most authentic ,original and independent self while allowing all of your quirks to shine no matter how weird OTHERS may feel that they are. Aquarius is about learning to stand comfortably firm in your being.. while dealing and being amongst lots of people.

Knowing your unique place and role in the world and not losing yourself in groups or the Collective is most important. Leading with and celebrating those parts of yourself that make you unique is what will be asked of you from this moment on. And that's exactly what this full moon will be triggering and bringing forth inside of us… MORE AUTHENTICITY.

So keep this in mind and ask yourself these questions when situations come up that are triggering to you ...

"Am I being and responding to this situation in a way that represents me in the most authentic way?"


"Am I responding in a way that makes everyone else comfortable or in a way that others are used to seeing from me even though I am no longer that person or was never truly that person?"

Wake Up

Are you moving and responding to life while on autopilot?

We have been and continue to be asked to be and stay present (meaning actually participate) in life and because it is absolutely necessary for us to do this .. understand that the autopilot switch is being removed from us.

Autopilot is meant for machines NOT HUMANS. It is basically a cheat sheet that we've all relied on to help us cope with life for so long but it is no longer allowed. You are here to experience life FULLY and that's exactly what all of these planetary transits and Moon cycles are doing for us. They're like level up stations along your journey and each time you reach one something is removed and something else is added. So you may as well flow and deal with whatever comes up for you in life because that part of the mission cannot be bypassed. You do not get to stay in the mission by not participating in it. And that's real talk.

So for this full moon be sure to step your game up from here on out. There will be no shying away or shrinking back into the bushes like that Homer Simpson meme. Lol

Take charge of your life, make decisions for yourself, set rules and boundaries that work specifically for you, declare your independence and embrace all of your quirky qualities. Be empowered by your new potential and have fun getting to know you all over again.

What should you be letting go of?

Full moon = letting go

Choosing to live in or allowing yourself to be stuck in dusty musty memories of experiences that represent who you once were. Those memories no longer define who you are now.. time to let them and the stories that you tell about them GO!!

People pleasing ... let it go!!

Worrying about how it all looks to other people .. let it go!!

Write it all down and do a releasing ritual to help you to let it all go.

Happy Full Moon 💜


I let go of the shadows of the past by seeing myself for the first time with eyes of love.

Happiness is my Birth Right!!


Written by Toni Lynn

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