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About The Priestesshood

Welcome to The Priestesshood we are a spiritual sisterhood offering a Prayer Circle shared with collective every Thursday evening on YouTube. Join us as we gather here, turn on notifications and sign up. Join our membership for free and  get exclusive content.

The Priestesshood was founded in 2017 through spirit, to Kristina to be a place for guidance and togetherness through sisterhood by sharing our tools and resources for our spiritual betterment. Since then we have joined together now for Prayer circle and more for  manifesting and positive words. All sisters can be found via this website or through their respective links here also.


To connect with Kristina you can find her here on this site, to connect with Ifechi Satori find her medicine healing and more, to find Sophia and her energetic healing candles you can find all of them

 As for now The Priestesshood still offers it's dressed candles, some readings, focusing on our collective Prayer Circle. Classes for Astrology, Numerology, and more will be open in the Spring. Check back and subscribe to our email list.​

Sign up for notifications for when we go live on YouTube be subscribing here and turning on notifications.

​Sign up for free to become of our online sisterhood. There you will find other topics and exclusive members only codes and blogs. 

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